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Investigate communications breakdown at research station SANCTUARY 3.

  • Locate and aid station personel.
  • Determine cause of ansible failure.

If personell dead or area compromized:

  • Retrieve any data storage modules and any available intel.
  • Neutralize any threats.
  • Sanitize area.

Target Description

Most information regarding target is classified. The following is known about SANCTUARY 3:

  • Station is located on low-gravity asteroid.
  • Station staff includes 5 reseach staff, 1 tech, 2 security.
  • Station has radio and ansible com.




  • Dropship (1)
  • PAC squad (1) including Med Tech
  • Additional mission specialists:
  • Thermonuclear demolition charges, type M72 (6)

Additional Notes

  • Marines may replace standard issue firearms at the armory.


Far below imperial space in the galactic disk, on an asteroid in an orbit outside the planetary plane and far away from all other stellar objects, lies a small research station. Here House Qesemet performs demonic research. An Imperial Blackguard of the Black Legion, Lord Balzacht, raided the facility and used it to contact Orcus, one of the lords of the abyss. Everyone at the facility died that day, and were turned into Corpse Creatures.

Little did the marines know of this when they arrived. After three days of sublight transit, we were ready to kick anything just to get out of our dropship. Refusing to back off when warned by the Black Legion, we struck at the base and killed the undead legionaired in heavy tunnel fighting, recovering evidence of what happened. Final evidence is only likely to be found on the Black Legion transport, however, so more combat is to be expected.

There was no officer for this mission, as only a single squad was involved, so Iz Richese from the ISPD was in charge. She authorized us to use maximum firepower and to make our own descisions, so conflicts were at a minimum.

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