Faldor's Folly

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Mission Briefing


Arrest outlaw miners and smugglers on Dark Zone mining outpost. Garrison outpost until relieved by Imperial Marine Corps Strike Cruiser.


Target is a small mining outpost on a barren Dark Zone world. No further intelligence is available at this time. Target information will be updated prior to mission.

Environment is probably hostile. Power armor or spacesuits are recommended.


Intelligence suggests that the outpost is populated by 50-100 civilians, mostly miners. Primary off-world contact is through smugglers. The outpost may have one or more spaceships, but transport capacity is not sufficient to evacuate all civilians. This suggests that outpost crew have been brought in as contract or slave labor. Expect to encounter armed guards.

There is no intelligence on indigenous life, if any, at this point.


All personnel will be issued with Power Armor Kit and Chemical Projectors ("webbers") for crowd control.

Additional Personnel

Action Report

A pirate ship was detected from orbit, but appeared stationary at one spot on the surface.

The interdicition of the mining colony proceeded without incident.

Reports from the colonists indicated that the pirates were former legionaires, and that they had slave operations. Their spaceship apparently lacks enough charges for the starcaster to leave the plant. The founder of the mining outpost, a gnome named Faldor, had a deal going with the pirates where he refined KwamaEggs for use with star drives, but this project was interrupted.

One slave operation could be located based on this information, and a demi-squad was dipatched to the site. After a brief but violent encounter, some slaves were freed.

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