Forlorn Hope

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A group of eight marines was dispatched to reclaim the pirates' spaceship (see Faldor's Folly). After requisitioning a couple of civilian ground vehicles and repositioning within visual range of the target they set up an observation post and observed the ship while awaiting the intended strike time.

The decision was made to try to sneak up on the ship. Unfortunately, they were discovered halfway, and the ship opened up with their main armament, which turned the sneak into a rush, and the group closed with the target.

While the marines were setting charges to blow an entrance, the pirates opened the main loading hatch to let an opposing group out to clear the ship. Through extremely rapid movement, this allowed the marines to establish a bridgehead of two inside the loading bay, while the hostiles outside were taken care of by the rest. The bridgehead cleared the loading bay and let the rest in.

In intense room-to-room fighting inside the ship the marines took heavy casualities while clearing out the pirates. Meanwhile, the leaders of the pirates used their comrades' delaying action to escape in a small air vehicle. The dropship was called in to track and engage, but was unable to reacquire the target.

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