Silver Skull (Dragonstar)

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Silver skull with 3/2/1 stripes for 3rd, 2nd and 1st class medal, and black ribbon for the Black Legion origin.

The Medal for Battle Merit is awarded to all infantry ranks in recognition of indivdual battle prowess. It is better known as the Silver Skull.

There is only one criterion for receiving the Silver Skull: confirmed combat kills. The basic skull medal is awarded after ten kills, skull with thunderbolts after one hundred kills, and skull with thunderbolts and laurels after one thousand kills.

This order originated in the Black Dragon Domain of Noros. It was adopted by the other Domains of Asamet and the kill count codified. It was made an offical Imperial decoration by Emperor Mezzenbone. The infamous Black Legion of House Noros (9th Imperial Legion) allows troopers who have recieved the Silver Skull to wear skull-shaped helmets.

Quesmet frowns upon official rewards for killing injuries. The medal is quite popular among the ranks since it gives bragging rights.

The soldiers commanding officer confirms kills using video recording from the soldiers helmet or gun camera. Only combat threats count towards a soldier's kill total. In game term, this means any opponent for which the soldier recieves Experience Points. Thus, easy ("dishonourable") kills do not count. Remeber that hightech arms and armor increases effective character level.