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In the armed forces of the Dragon Empire, medals and other awards are a basic method for instilling unit pride and insuring that soldiers give their utmost efforts in combat.

Decorations fall into three general categories:

  • Titles and Orders of Distinction are noble titles or membership in knightly orders.
  • Medals are warded to all ranks for heroism and intitative.
  • Badges are awarded to all ranks to denote status, achievement and proficiency.

The most common decorations are listed below in order of precedence. Unless specified, a decoration can be awarded to any branch of service. Some of these honors also includes a monetary award. If so, the listed bonus is a number of months of pay. If the recipient is promoted at the same time as he receives an honor, any payment is made at the Pay Scale of his new rank.

Titles and Orders of Distinction Notes

Guardian of the Empire

For legendary heroism

Order of Victory

For eading planetary conquest

Order of the Dragon

Patent of nobility

Order of the Imperial Hero

For exemplary career
Medals Bonus Notes

Sunburst of Valor

6 Great heroism

Imperial Star

3 Heroism

Nova Burst

3 Extraordinary conduct

Bronze Shield

2 Saving lives

Crimson Heart

1 Combat injury award

Shooting Star


Battle Merit Award: aerospace

Armored Fist


Battle Merit Award: armor

Silver Skull


Battle Merit Award: infantry

Badges Bonus Notes

Marine Combat Badge


Combat award (see Commendation)

Combat Service Ribbon

1 Loyal service under fire

Service Ribbon

1 Loyal service

Campaign Badge

1 Participation in military campaign

Proficiency Badge


Expert Badge


Reentlistment Badge

1 Extension of duty