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Rank and Pay

The pay scale of the Imperial Marine Corps is designed to promote capable soldiers on active duty. To this end, Marines have a basic rate of pay depending on experience (level) that is adjusted by Marine Rank. See marine Pay Scale for further information.

Rank Multiplier
All Experience +lvl

Marine Private


Marine Corporal


Marine Sergeant


Marine Sergeant Major


Marine Lieutenant


Marine Commander


Marine Colonel


Marine General


Base pay for the Imperial Marine Corps is 200 credits.

Example: A 5h level Marine Sergeant (+2) would have a pay of 200x(5+2)=1400 credits per month, while a Marine Private of the same level would make 200x(5+0)=1000 credits per month.

  • This is the montly salary all marine personel receive.
  • As a furhter incentive, each enlited Marine receives a mustering-out bonus of one year's wages upon Honorable Discharge, while Marine Officers receive two years salary.

However, this is not all there is to it. Each marine is responsible for his or her own personal equipment. There are several special cases, and the lure of easy loot is often present during marine assignments,even if strongly discouraged.

  • Any lost personal gear that was not lost during active duty (as attested by an sergant or officer) must be replaced at 50% of full cost.
  • Marines might be held responsible for any gear lost to negligence while in their care. In most cases, no more than 10% of the cost of general gear or 1% of the cost of a space vessel lost due to irresponsible action will be levied against the marine. Under Emperor Mezzenbone, this clause has been invoked more and more often.
  • Marines are encouraged to invest in personal enhancements. Spellware is available at a 50% discount through the corps. In addition, it is possible to borrow up to two years salary from the corps to invest in personal Spellware. Such Spellware becomes the personal property of the marine upon Honorable Discharge.
  • Looting is strongly discouraged (though not as strongly as during previous regimes). Any soldier found looting will be punished. Punishments always include a fine of at least one month's salary and confiscation of the loot, but serious cases may merit imprisonment, reduction in rank or even Dishonorable Discharge.
  • Certain personel might fall into debt to the Corps. There is no interest on such a loan, but a soldier in debt cannot take Honorable Discharge. Until fully paid, 50% of your salary goes towards paying of such a debt.

Additional Pay

Marines have a few legitimate, a few acceptible, and some non-acceptible venues to get extra income.

  • First of all, looting is out of the question. Looters are subject to summary execution during wartime, and Dishonorable Discharge during peacetime.
  • Second, it is possible to get some extra income by doing various tasks, see the Equipment Guide. This is accepted behavior.
  • Third, it is also possible to spy for some of the mighty organizations of the Dragon Empire. this is tolerated behavior, but can lead to censure if discovered or inopportune. This, too, is described in the Equipment Guide.

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