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A lieutenant is a junior officer, but still comissioned. Only some lieutenants are nobles. A junior lieutenant may serve as the aide or advisor to another officer, but generally they hold junior command positions in their own right - over platoons or companies. Independent commands are always held by officers, and this includes most operations involving separate ships.

Sorcerers and characters with the Leadership or Dragonblood feats begin at this rank, and entlisted personel may acheive this rank through dilligent effort.


When looking for officer candidates, the Imperial Marine Corps will usually consider these traits:

Youth and Adaptability: Becoming an officer is a great change, and the corps is looking for people capable of adjusting to this new situation. Therefore, a promising recruit might be chosen before a very experienced soldier, who is more set in his ways.

Performance: Obvioulsy the candidate must be exceptional in every way as regards personal performance and MOS skills.

Leadership Ability: The candidate must have displayed coolness under fire and the ability to take initiative under duress. The ability to inspire troops and loyalty is highly valued. In the Imperial Marine Corps, player characters with the Leadership feat will be comissioned, but not enobeled.

Social Class: An officer represents a middle step between commoner and nobles, and has a high probability of eventurally becoming ennobeled. The candidate must display the characteristics of a gentleman; high self-esteem, confidence, social skills, fluency in Draconic and so on.

Connections: A well-connected candidate has a better chance of being accepted. This is not corps policy, but a fact of military life. In particular, the churches of The Warrior and The Stormlord have a strong following among Imperial Marine Corps officers.

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