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The Imperial Marine Corps uses a system of ranks developed under Emperor Kupric. This system recognizes ability, but still reserves command positions for commissioned officers. Even if the Imperial Marine Corps is relatively tolerant and gives all races access to even the highest command positions, it is still based on heredity. Recruits of noble blood start out as officers, while humanoid recruits start out as privates.

There are eight different ranks in the Imperial Marine Corps system. Each rank has command priviliges against personel of any lower rank. Experience can make a private respected and dangerous to cross, but the fact remains that every other rank can order even a 20th level private around. In each rank tier, seniority is based on ability (character level). Previously, seniority was based on time of service, but since the mutiny of 4317, when the Short Timer races in the service rebelled, the current system has been in use.

Enlisted Ranks

Commissioned Ranks

Regimental and General Officers are usually Dragon Nobles. Lower officer ranks (company and batallion) can be commoners since they are not "real" officers. Any character with dragon blood starts as an officer; this includes Half Dragons, Imperial Sorcerers, and characters with the Dragonblood feat.

Imperial Marine Corps