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The result of a mating between dragon and some other creature. Relatively common in the Dragon Empire, and considered Dragon Nobles. Still, they are far from common in absolute terms. All half-dragons are considered Dragon Nobles.

General information on half dragons can be found in the Starfarer's Guide. This article contains additional notes and rule changes.

Half Dragons need to have more than 25% dragon to breed true; the children of a dragons breed Half Dragons themselves only if they mate with others of dragon blood, such as other Half Dragons, sorcerers and Dragon Blooded characters. If they mate with non-dragons, the progeny becomes simply Dragon Blooded. Since Dragon Nobles form a social class who breed amongst themselves, the ancestry of any particular noble can be complex indeed.

Half dragon characters are created using the rules from the Starfarer's Guide. Note that these rules are not identical to those of the Monster Manual.

Draconic Feats

Half Dragons gain virtual access to the Dragonblood and Greater Dragonblood feats. These feats provide no benefits to Half Dragons, as the effects of these feats are already included in the racial make-up.

Half dragons have access to a selection of special feats based on their monstrous abilities, in the same manner that the races of Galactic Races do.

Half dragons of the weaker varieties get a bonus feat to select among these racial feats to make up for their weaker breath weapon.

Black, Brass, Copper, White 2 extra feats
Blue, Bronze, Green, Silver 1 extra feat
Gold, Red, Space, Star No extra feats

Dragon and Bloodline Feats

Feat Type Source Prerequisites
Blindfight General PH
Blood Bond Bloodline PC BAB +9, Cha 15+, Dragonblood, Greater Dragonblood, Improved Critical, Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization

Dragon Flight

Dragon DaS

Dragon Glide

Dragon Glide

Dragon DaS

Dragon Power

Dragon DaS
Empower Spell-Like Ability General MM Caster level 6

Extra Breath

Dragon DaS
Flyby Attack Dragon MM

Dragon Flight

Hover Dragon MM

Dragon Flight

Improved Dragon Flight

Dragon DaS

Dragon Flight

Improved Natural Armor General MM Con 13
Instinctual Defense Bloodline PC Concentration skill, Dragonblood
Minor Magic Bloodline PC Knowledge (arcana) skill, Dragonblood, Greater Dragonblood
Multiattack Dragon MM
Quicken Spell-like Ability Dragon MM Caster level 10

Regressive Form

Dragon DaS
Scion of Asamet Bloodline PC Dragonblood
Scion of Qesemet Bloodline PC Dragonblood
Sense Enhancement Bloodline PC Greater Dragonblood
Wingover Dragon MM

Dragon Flight

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