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Proceeding up a ramp, the section was confronted by hordes of Corpse Creatures equipped to feudal standards. A fierce fire fight ensued, where cpl. Burt Rhiannon distingusihed himself by successful point-defence fire. A section of undead former Black Legion marines appeared on the selves above, and the fight turned into a three-dimensional free-for-all. PFC John Doe was fatally injured by a combination of grenades, while (commanding) cpl. Raz Johnson was supressed by magic.

Things did quiet down, and the team could proceed up the main ramp. There, they confronted Lord Balzacht himself - who was promptly shot down by pin-point accurate fire from cpl. Burt Rhiannon. The rest of the forces continued to resist, but were cut down in short order. Lord Balzacht's magical blaster provided more of a problem - it managed to briefly control both cpl. Raz Johnson and cpl. Burt Rhiannon before it was destroyed.

The team emplaced the explosive charges, set the timer, and exfiltrated with no noteworthy reistance.

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