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An ISPD operation to supress psionics on PlanetEpal, a non-imperial world just inside the border of the Dark Zone, in House Esmer territory. PlanetEpal is medeival, with a mix of imperial firearms paid for by smuggled Power Components. A Strike Cruiser with a full platoon, along with a platoon of ISPD officers and Ogryn are sent out to investigate rumors of psionic manifestation. The overall commander of the mission is ComissarGeneralIrikani, assisted by ComissarSadra.

There is a lot of hush-hush before the mission, but elder marines can tell what kind of mission it is merely from the procedures.

On the trip, there is some fraternizing between a drow techno-sorcerer, MiMalone, and Narine Daran. This intermezzo leads nowhere fast.

Initial resistance is light, and a base is set up in an abandoned monastery in the capital of Bapala. After ten days of light duty a small group of marines are out on some R&R when the people around them suddenly rise as one and take up arms against them. After a few rounds of this, a radio message anounces that the ISPD has run into trouble, and need rescuing. After a rather desperate fight, a dropship picks up the PCs, only to fly them into danger once again.

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