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RaceSoulmech*Gender'Female'Hair'Dark'Eyes'Brown'Height*5'6" (165 cm)Weight120lb (60 kg)


Narine is one of the few "survivors" of the Saintairn IV space station at the L3 Lagrange point of the Secobar planetary system. The station was hit hard by pirate raiders, who first used an infiltrator to poison the life support system, and then, easily overcoming the few automated defenses left, systematically started butchering the dying, while helping themselves to the station's riches.

The Imperial Marine Corps vessel Indefatiguable under commander Adrek Merth arrived at that point, just a little too late; grimly the marines went to the task of exterminating the raiders infesting the station, after which the commander ordered any means available, no matter how unconventional, to be used to save as many of the station's inhabitants as possible, as the available supplies of magical and technological healing quickly ran out.

A group of mainly gnomish Support Techs found a shipment of neural nets among the valuables looted by the pirates from the station's stores. In a flurry of feverish activity, they converted station robots into Soul Mech bodies, and started transferring what souls of the dying and recently dead they could.

Thus, Narine found herself in the body of one of the station's social robots1, and with a hefty debt to the empire, as the commander's ISPD Liaison claimed that all valuables and equipment reclaimed from the pirates now were imperial property, including the bodies of the new Soul Mechs. Of course, working that debt off in imperial service would entitle you to a hefty reduction... and so Narine joined the IMC as a Support Tech.

After paying of that initial investment, she now has started purchasing upgrades - among those is a !MorphicDesign upgrade, enabling her to take a secondary shape more like her original, pre-Soul Mech body - if slightly idealized. She elected to keep the original robotic body as the primary shape, as it had become her "professional identity" in her mind.

In addition of her Support Tech duties she has been persuing a career in Wizardry. She is, however, still short of fullfilling the requirements of the Techno Mage MOS.

She has a robotic familiar, called Puchu, which looks like a 1:6 scale model of her.

Member of the church of The Magus and of the Imperial Society.

1 IS, p. 78. No, not one of the robot prostitutes on that page. More something like the !PersoComs in Chobits.


Awards outside Missions:


Instructions in Case of Death or Similar Incapacitation

"I prefer my return to my current body to be facilitated by a cleric from the church of The Magus or by a wizard of the Imperial Society, whatever is necessary. Failing that, any alternative means are permitted. In the unfortunate event that nothing can be arranged, any funds or assets should be put into a fund for the further education of Imperial Society members. I reserve the right to demand the return of any remaining balance if resurrected in any way at a later date."

Player: Mats

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