Thoughts of Darkness

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The wounded prisoner is a female PsiMutant named Anitella. She is a member of a monastic order, though she claim to have no psychic powers. She has hidden a power rod which the mindflayers wanted. Her Order has fought the creatures of the Underdark for a long time,

The world is now a battleground in the fight between the local mindflayers and mindflayers from outer space! The invading mindflayers are apparently the cause of the Rain Of Lightning.

The mindflayers have kidnapped Sir Drazak, and we agree to cooperate in liberating him. Apparently, Sir Drazak has fought the mindflayers on Enga before, and is known as Champion of the Light.

We rendezvous with the downed dropship. The crew has survived, though the Lieutenant went crazy and had to be subdued. We leave the crew with instructions to recover spare parts from the dropship and travel to our ship.

We leave with Anitella to the caves where the rod is located.