Viper's Sting

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An investigation mission. The team is dispatched to find the jump coordinates of a pirate strongpoint, and manage to do so by infiltrating a pirate ship under heavy magical cover.

Mission Briefing


The 105th Marine Brigade is conducting operations against the RED SKULL LEGION in the OUTLANDS.


Team VIPER will be dispatched to smuggler outpost LOST HOPE in order to acquire jump coordinates to RED SKULL LEGION base. Once pirate base is located, strike force NEMESIS will jump to the base, engage pirates and rescue prisoners.


Specialist team from A Company, 1/105 Btn, 7th Marine Division

Team of competent (high-level characters) with mix of technical, stealth and combat skills. Team will present appearance of smugglers or prospectors. Team will use civilian and military weapons and gear.

Team will be issued small expendable exploration vessel and ansible.

Local informant STEEL may be able to assist team.


1 Destroyer
6 Strike Cruisers
2/105 and 3/105 Marine Battalions

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