Down and Dirty

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The continuation of Down And Out, this episode is about how the marines are beseiged, and how a foolish pedophilic halfling marine pilot almost gets them all killed when the psions invade their starship with astral constructs manifested around the child. The battle ends with the child dead, the crew shaken, and the halfling on death row.

The marines are finally relieved by House Esmer legions, who promptly impose a reign of terror on the planet. However, after only a few days of occupation, before the inquisition can get a good grip on the heretics, the majority of the population simply disappears into nowhere. Investigations show this was plane shifting on a massive scale, and psychic parasitism is judged the most probable cause.

Following the green legion looting of the planet, a semi-legal black market in plundered goods appears, and several marines take this opportunity to get some cheap, low-tech magic items.

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