The Citadel

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Lord Balzacht, from Failsafe, has reportedly occupied a citadel on a medieval Outlands world. There, he has been working on a portal to the Abyss, and seeks to unleash an invasion of demons.

The Imperial Marine Corps is sent to obliterate the installation, but finds that it is protected by force fields, making bombardment impactical. Weapons of mass destruction are considered, but preferably avoided due to the viccinity of civilian settlements.

Undead forces have been ravaging the countryside, killing people and bringing them back to the citadel. A few of these people survived and managed to escape through an old tunnel. From their reports, it could be gleaned that security was lax, and that a small commando team could probably infiltrate the installation and plant explosives on the gate before it is activated.

A single section of elite marines issued with special gear were sent in, and managed to infiltrate - though fighting was constant. Cpl. Gonegal M'Gregor in particular was isolated by a trap and had to fight his way free. But progress was rapid, and the team soon moved up to the floors above.

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