Spiral Down

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The raid continues, proceeding to capture a rogue Mind Flayer. Vigil Letho and a reinforcement group from the shuttle guard the flayer and take him back tothe shuttle, while the rest of the team proceeds further down.

The group passes by the abandoned containment area. Mind Flayer equipment is seen to be based all on crystals and biological constructs/creatures.

A vicious trap with crushing doors is avoided by destroying the door. A magical glyph in the floor that appears to be a summoning trap is blown to bits with explosives. But this triggered the worst attack yet - four mind flayers using their mind blast to full effect. Comissar Korgul resists the psionicattacks, but has his brain extracted by the very last 'flayer. However, this gives the rest of the team time to recover.

After this setback, the team extracts back to the shuttle, that has waited for them because of the unexpectedly light resistance. After a series of short jumps, they return to Imperial space.

The entire tream that went down into the lower bowels of the installation were awarded the Nova Burst, while the rest of the volunteers were awarded commendations.

Nova Burst

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