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Having caught the attention of Admiral Glorious Thunder druring Crystal Darkness, the members of the platoon are offered to join the special operations unit and for an elite troubleshooting force attached to his personal command. As this seemed a parth to wealth and glory, the offer was eagerly accepted.

A dramatic entry is made on Kraklen, the flagship of Admiral Glorious Thunder.

It turns out that sooner than the wealth and the glory came the discipline and drill, as House Handor maintais a much more strict discipline that the relaxed MarineCorps garrison at Outlands Station. Soon, however, the soldiers fell into the routine, and the excellent excersise facilities and trainers were certainly appreciated.

House Handor is sending a major punitive expedition into the Dark Zone, and a large task force sets out after only a few months of preparations. House Handor goes to war in style, supplies are plentiful, and discipline is tight.

Contact with the enemy is sporadic at first, but one cruiser, the Yggdrasil, is lost in an early engagement and found flotating, a dead bulk in space. Sensors indicate lifesigns, but none of the crew can be reached via sending- a boarding party is sent.

A disorganized but ferocious force of Xerg present little credible threat to the elite marines, and the objective is secured with minimal loss. However, the traces of the battle shows that this is merely a minor remnant of the forces used to attack the cruiser, so the conclusions of the battle is ominous.

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