Creep Them Out

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A scout ship has crashed on a planet with enemy presence. The scout ship had a sergeant pilot and a ISPD agent. The task for the strike team is a S&R:

  1. Retrieve the black box from the scout ship
  2. Retrieve the ISDP agent Zara Milezzir OR prevent the agent from being assimilated OR assert if the agent has been assimilated already.
  3. Retrieve the pilot Gareth Skye.

Part 1

The strike team lands and continues to the crashed ship. During entering the ship, the team is attacked from within and without the ship. Raz Johnsson falls during the ensuing fight. The group destroys 6 enemies; one enemy retreats.

The black box is retreived. Raz is raised as undead by ISPD agent West.

Part 2

The team tracks the locator beams, but they have been somehow removed from their bodies. At that location an entrance down in a hive is found, and the strike team enters.

Under skirmishing, the team locates the central cave and the missing ISPD agent. The locator beams is found along with the bodies; Skye has died during assimilation but Milezzir has been assimilated and escapes, probably through astral space.

The strike team reports mission status. The team retrieves some minor research material and returns to the ship.

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