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Wings of Honor

This is a session guide for the Wings of Honor campaign. The table below lists sessions. At first, we tried to write a story after each session, but this proved impossible in the long run. Here are the first chapters, anyway. Then there are much shorter summaries of later events as they unfolded.

See, this is how it really happened…

Session list

Episode # Short description
Convergence 1 Our heroes meet and get a job.
A Bear of a Secret 2 Can our heroes escape the maze of the King of the North pole?
Silver Metal Killer 3 Returning to New York, the heroes are invited to a night at the Hellfire Club.
The Red Skull Gang 4 In hot pursuit of Dr Remoux, our heroes still have time to tangle with pirates.
The End of Wolf Creek 5 A ghost town in the No-Man's land.
Campus Terror 6 On the trail of the mad scientist.
Havoc in Honolulu 7 A mad dash through the royal palace.
Black Dragons 8 Enter the terror of the east!
Trail of the Past 9 Hunters and hunted.
Escaping the Natives 10 Jungle adventure!
Into the Volcano 11 The adventurers explore the depths of a volcano.
The Old World 12 Session 12-24, The adventurers meet ancient horrors and the old world.
Beyond the Mountains of Madness 13 Session 25-36, the Call of Cthulhu scenario.
Wonder Woman 14 Session 37-38, Madelaine's misadventures in New York.


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