Madeleine Hazard

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Wings of Honor

Madeleine Hazard is a Confederate pilot. Her callsign is "Rebel".


Jonathan Hazard was shot down over France in 1918, and his young Madeleine dreamed of flying, just like her father. Her mother tried to curb her daughter's adventurous spirit, but to no avail. While she grew up to be a southern belle, she also learned to ride, drive and shoot as well as any man.


Madeleine "Rebel" Hazard

When the Confederacy was formed, Madeleine volunteered for the 1st Georgia Air Corps. She quickly proved to be a natural pilot, and her reckless flying quickly earned her the nickname Rebel. Lieutenant Hazard flew with the Air Corps for five years and was one of the first Dixie women pilots to become an ace.

While friendly and outgoing she is rather reserved towards members of the opposite sex following the death of a "close friend" in her former squadron.

Rebel is currently on extended leave from her squadron. Rumor has it a squadron member insulted her honor. She challenged him to a game of "follow my leader". The dangerous nap-of-earth flying resulted in the loss of Rebels Goliath cannon and the death of the other pilot. Rather that court-martialing his best pilot, her squadron leader ordered her to leave the squadron. Rebel took her damaged Fury and flew away.

The trust fund left her by her father ensures that Madeleine is rather well off. It is not enough to keep her Fury in the air, and she has taken up adventuring with King and Diana.


Rebel proudly flies The Southern Belle, a red Fury with the southern Cross painted on the wings. Rebel never bothered to replace the missing Goliath cannon and has upgraded wing armament to four 50 caliber machine guns.