Wings of Honor

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Wings of Honor

Wings of Honor is a Crimson Skies campaign set in the pieces of a shattered United States. The Game Master was Carl Cramér.

The campaign begins late 1936 or early 1937 but time flow is rather flexible. Time might pass to fit a scenario without affecting the setting too much.


The last episode is Wonder Woman, in which the adventurers make an impression on Vanderbilt (building). It is episode 14 of the Wings of Honor campaign.

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Dramatis Personæ

The heroes of the campaign are:

  • Diana Dale, a pilot from the nation of Hollywood. She flies a Bloodhawk.
  • Madeleine Hazard, a volunteer of 1st Georgia Air Corps. She flies a Fury.
  • Rex Reason, a militiaman in Jersey Jacks. He flies an Avenger, but later his own design the Hellbat.
  • Hendrick van der Decken, a dutch colonial zeppelin captain.
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