Hendrick van der Decken

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Wings of HonorWings of Honor
Wings of Honor

Hendrick van der Decken has the callsign "The flying Dutchman".


As he recently joined the heroes they haven't found out that much about his family.



The Flying Dutchman

He commands a 250 meter long zeppelin with a crew of 68 men which is often referred to as "The Flying Dutchman" after her captain.

Officers: Captain, Squadron Commander, Air Traffic Controller, Ship's Mate, Owner's Representative.

Ratings: Helmsman, Bosun, 7 pilots, Armsmaster, Chief Mechanic, Navigator, Chief Engineer, 3 Chief gunners (starboard, port, mortars)

Crew: 12 airmen, 12 mechanics, 2 cooks, 3 stewards, 1 radio operator, 5 engineers, 9 gunners, 4 loaders.