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Wings of Honor


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Characters from the campaign, first a list the player characters, along with handwritten descriptions. The second list is from auto-generated characters in HyperCard, my registry of PCs and NPCs.

Spoiler Alert – Many of these descriptions contain information on scenarios and the various roles therein that players would do better without.

Player Characters


Natalia 'Black Swan' Romanova

Pilot loyal to Black Swan, callsign Black Swan

Craft Fury

Quote "It works, and that's good enough for me."

Background A celebrity guest, she is disdainful and obviously not impressed. She will expect PC to handle their own mess, but shoot down any interfering monsters. After a while, se will make an attack on Imrahotep, but be forced to retreat. She will then take an autogyro and go and get her plane; after twenty minutes she returns with a squadron and bombs the whole museum floor out of existence.

She got involved in killing the mummies, and didn't have much luck. Of course, she gave her shotgun to Rebel before the fight, fighting it out with her derringer only.

In To Catch a Tiger, she had a quarrel with Ivan Stravec, who refused to accept her authority over the exile Russian community in Pacifica. After he was pushed into a corner by the heroes over the lattice-tiger, he finally gave in to her and she whisked him to safety in an autogiro.

Places New York, Empire State

Scenarios Return of the Mummy, To Catch a Tiger

Takul Aseem

Warrior loyal to Bast

Quote "My priestess wishes� ..."

Background A well-educated egyptian man, he is the servant and bodyguard of Rathanan.

Places Egypt

Scenarios To Catch a Tiger

Charles Kincaid

Smuggler loyal to Stravec

Background A smuggler in Pacifica, who works for Ivan Stravec, even though he finds the later a bit overbearing. He made a deal with the players to reveal Stravec's hideout if they left him alone.

Places Pacifica

Scenarios To Catch a Tiger


Priestess loyal to Bast

Background A transformed cat and priestess of bast. She has been to the US, to recover the Lattice Tiger, a unique piece of pharaonic jewelery.

Places Egypt

Scenarios To Catch a Tiger

John Redfoot

Brave loyal to Lakota

Quote "A lakota war-leader and activist."

Background He met the heroes and conducted them to a seance in Lakota territory.

Places Lakota

Scenarios Blackest Secrets

Ivan Stravec

Industrialist loyal to Stravec

Background An exiled russian aristocrat, Ivan has made a fortune as an industrialist in pacifica. He has opposed the Black Swan's leadership of the russian expatriate community in America, but was forced to concede to her leadership after being pushed into a corner by the heroes.

Places Pacifica

Scenarios To Catch a Tiger

Sheriff Dan Updike

Sheriff loyal to People's Collective

Quote "Not in my juristiction, you won't.

Background An ornery but honest old lawman in the Black Hills.

Places People's Collective

Scenarios Blackest Secrets

Deputy sheriff Antoine Breaux

Sheriff loyal to French Lousiana

Background The sheriff of Bayou Perdu, Louisiana, a man of few words and a strong sense of duty. He shot Mr Darke and was very suspicious, but was finally convinced of the heroes sincerity.

Places French Lousiana

Scenarios Bayou Ritual

Scott Wallace

Geologist loyal to NWI

Background A geologist and friend of Diana's from her time in South America, Wallace is a very cheerful man. He was possessed by one of the insects from Shaggai, loathes them, and had his sanity shaken.

Subplots Diana: friend

Scenarios Blackest Secrets

Affinity Travis (n� Sawyer)

Housewife loyal to Dixie

Places Dixie

Subplots Rebel: rival

Scenarios Prototype Rex

Colonel Beauregard 'Rapier' Travis

Pilot loyal to Dixie, callsign Rapier

Craft Valiant

Background A Bona Fide hero of the confederation, Travis is here as host. He will be occupied most of the time.

Places Dixie

Subplots Rebel: romance

Scenarios Prototype Rex

Louis 'Wonder Man' Vanderbilt

Dilettante loyal to Empire State, callsign Wonder Man

Craft Avenger Quote "Watch your step around me, you miserable slut!"

Background An old-money scion of a prestigious New York family, Louis is very much aware of his station. The rest of the family is aware of his lack of ability, and won't support his wild schemes for more power, but people outside the family give him a lot of leeway because of his illustrious name.

He sometimes flies with the Broadway Bombers, but is considered wild and reckless as well as lazy.

Rebel practically landed on him in Return of the Mummy, creating a lasting enemy.

Rex confronted him in Spellbook masquerade. He miraculously escaped when lightning caused the lights to flare, but later returned, shocked. Rebel later tried to provoke him into a duel, which he refused, but he lost a lot of face.

Places New York, Empire State, Broadway Bombers

Subplots Rex: nemesis, Rebel: nemesis

Scenarios Return of the Mummy, Spellbook Masquerade, Wonder Woman, Prototype Rex

Captain Kit Carlson

ISA Militia Pilot loyal to ISA, callsign Phantom

Craft Fury

Quote "You are now approaching the ISA border; please stand by for clearance and escort."

Background A dashing young flying officer from the ISA.

Places ISA

Scenarios Red Skull Gang, Prototype Rex

Winslow "Heartbreaker" Davies

Red Skull Pilot loyal to Red Skull Gang, callsign Heartbreaker

Craft Fury

Background Negotiated a cease-fire after Rebel shot down Lucky on his wing.

Places ISA

Scenarios Red Skull Gang, Prototype Rex

Howard Robard 'Spectre' Hughes

Millionaire loyal to Hughes, callsign Spectre

Craft Bloodhawk

Background Based on information from Encarta Encyclopedia

Hughes, Howard Robard (born 1905), Hollywood industrialist, aviator, and motion-picture producer. Hughes's enormous wealth, intellect, and achievement makes him one of the most famous men in Disunited America.

II. Early Years:

Born in Houston, Texas, Hughes was the only child of Howard Robard Hughes, Sr., and his wife, Allene Gano Hughes. He grew up amid great wealth and privilege due to his father's successful business, the Hughes Tool Company. The company had been founded in the early 1900s after his father and a partner received patents for a revolutionary oil-drill bit.

As a child, Hughes showed great aptitude in engineering. At age 11, he erected Houston's first wireless broadcast set, a communications system that used radio waves to transmit signals and messages across distances. He took his first flying lessons at age 14, establishing his lifelong love of flight.

When he was 16 years old, Hughes's mother died. Shortly afterward, his father took him to Hollywood, California, and introduced him to show business. Hughes decided then that he wanted to get into the movie industry. When his father died two years later, he inherited the Hughes Tool Company. Hughes soon hired others to oversee the company so he could pursue a career in film.

III. Hollywood:

The success of his father's tool company enabled Hughes to finance his own movies. Despite the initial skepticism of Hollywood insiders, Hughes produced films from 1926 to the present day. Some of his most acclaimed movies include Hell's Angels (1930) with Jean Harlow, The Front Page (1931) with Pat O'Brien and Adolphe Menjou, and Scarface (1932), starring Paul Muni.

In 1929 Hughes divorced Ella Rice, his wife of four years. He soon afterward dated a number of Hollywood's most famous actresses, including Katherine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, and Jean Peters.

IV. Aviation Hero:

Hughes's other love in life was designing and flying airplanes. He was determined to become a famous aviator. In 1935 he set a speed record of 566 km/h (352 mph) while flying the Silver Bullet, an airplane he designed. The following year he flew from Los Angeles, Hollywood, to Newark, Empire State, in 9 hours 27 minutes, a record at the time for transcontinental flight. In 1937 he bested that record, flying the same distance in 7 hours 28 minutes. But it was his around-the-world flight from July 10 to July 14, 1938, that transformed him into a national hero. Hughes set a new record of 3 days 19 hours 17 minutes.

V. Industrialist:

The continued success of Hughes Tool Company allowed Hughes to support his experiments in flight and launch other projects. In 1932 he founded the Hughes Aircraft Corporation, which designed and constructed airplanes for commercial and military use. Hughes also owned a controlling interest (78 percent) in Trans World Airlines (TWA).

Places Hollywood

Subplots Diana: romance

Scenarios Powers of Dr Remoux, Havok in Honululu, Bring It Back Alive, R'lyeth Rising, Roerich Tales, Gitmo Pirates, Prototype Rex

Carolyne Neesford (n, Long)

Housewife loyal to Empire State

Background A Georgian Southern Belle who married in New York, she feels isolated and thus has turned to occult exploits, such as Paul LeMonds seances and the Hellfire Club.

She went to the same girl's school as Rebel, but they were not really friends. She feels intimidated by Rebel.

She calls herself by her maiden name in occult circles, both to protect her husband and because she fancies the Longs are an illustrious family with psychic gifts.

Places New York, Atlanta, Dixie, Empire State

Subplots Rebel: Friend

Scenarios Silver Metal killer, Suffer Little Children, Speelbook Masquerade, Prototype Rex

Miss Yushiko 'Foxy Lady' Matsuharu

Spy loyal to Insight, callsign White Rook

Background Yushiko Matsuharu is the daughter of a Japanese businessman who lived and worked in Hollywood. He fought the growing tensions between Hollywood and the Japanese Empire to such a degree that he was considered an enemy by both, and was finally ordered to commit seppuku. His daughter, who had both a Japanese and an American upbringing, was reviled and refused to return to her Japanese family. Taking her fathers inheritance, she went to business school in the Empire State, but discovered how hard it was to get a decent job. Then she joined the Hellfire Club on a dare, was discovered and quickly offered a job with Insight.

Unusually tall for a Japanese girl, she is still petite by American standards. When sitting down, she can dominate a meeting; when standing "tall", she demurely disappears into the woodwork. This is typical of her; one moment she is straightforward and outspoken the next she is a Japanese flower, a silent decoration

She turned out for Spellbook Masquerade, and partied the night away with Kate & Co.

Places Empire State, Maritime Provinces

Scenarios Convergence, Silver Metal Killer, Spellbook Masquerade, Prototype Rex

Patrick Miles

Mechanic loyal to Maritime Provinces

Quote "No way we can make do with these faulty tools..."

Background A well built man of obvious Irish descent, a competent mechanic but a complainer. He survived the trip to Antarctica without taking undue risks. He saw the Unknown God, but refused to acknowledge the experience.

Places Maritime Provinces, Arkham Asylum

Scenarios To the Mountains of Madness, Beyond the Mountains of Madness, The Cold Spot, Prototype Rex

Joachim 'Jocko' Slade

Pilot, callsign Bluebird

Background Jocko is a transport flier in the pacific, flying his Bluebird all over the place. He needed money badly and so hired himself out to both Mr Hughes and Mr Dowdler.

Though the delivery was a failure, Dowdler paid some of what he owed, so Jocko is once again flying his Bluebird.

Places Hollywood, Pacific

Scenarios Havoc in Honolulu, Bring It Back Alive, R'lyeth Rising, Prototype Rex

Joe 'Insight Joe' Virelli

Quote "Such marvelous relevations! Eeek!"

Background Formerly a reporter in Gamwell, Mass, this young man has now found employment with "Insight Magazine" of Boston, writing personal accounts of mystic events.

This magazine is under the auspices of the Insight Foundation; anything know to the magazine is known to the foundation, even if not printed.

He does not relish this job, and is afraid of the supernatural, but it pays well.

Places Boston

Subplots Diana: friend

Scenarios The Manse, Suffer Little Children, Roerich Tales, Prototype Rex

Benjamin 'Bluto' Luto

Pilot loyal to Hillbilly Boys, callsign Bluto

Quote "Such wonderful fat!

Background One of the Hillbilly Boys who raided the Springfield area, Buto is a big man with an unsavory appetite for homosexual sadism.

He is a vile creep.

Places Springfield, Empire State

Scenarios Springfield Spin, Return of the Mummy, Prototype Rex

Boo 'Porky' Sticks

Pilot loyal to Hillbilly Boys, callsign Porky

Quote "Squeal like a pig!"

Background One of the Hillbilly Boys who raided the Springfield area, porky is known for favoring... pigs. He was shot down by both Diana and Rex, and particularly wants revenge on Rex.

His favorite tactic is to shoot people from behind.

Places Springfield, Empire State

Subplots Diana: nemesis, Rex: nemesis & romance

Scenarios Springfield Spin, Return of the Mummy, Prototype Rex

Henry 'Albatross' Baulin

Pilot loyal to Britain, callsign Albatross

Craft Hornet

Quote "The Royal Navy at your service, madam!"

Background A stripling young officer, a naval aviator, customs officer and general sterling defender of Antigua. Has a bit of a drinking problem, and meets far too few interesting women for his taste.

He piloted the plane that found the Sea ghost, first off Antigua and later off the coast of Africa.

Places Commonwealth

Scenarios Ikons of Ikammanen, Prototype Rex

Michel Borand

Thief loyal to Profiteers

Background A German-American spy for the profiteers, seeking out information on the Antarctica expeditions. The Dyer text was a windfall for him.

He is professional, courteous and wants no trouble.

Places Germany, Empire State

Scenarios Roerich Tales, Prototype Rex

Ernie Flatts

Street Kid loyal to Dixie

Quote "I'll show ya a good time, sure I will!"

Background A street kid in Miami, Florida. He was a guide to the heroes, then stole a map from Paulo Casatillo, that became the adventure hook for the Ikons of Ikammanen scenario.

Places Miami, Florida

Scenarios Ikons of Ikammanen, Prototype Rex

Harold Gruber

Sailor loyal to Profiteers

Background A German-American spy for the profiteers, seeking out information on the Antarctica expeditions. The Dyer text was a windfall for him.

He is professional, courteous and wants no trouble.

Places Germany, Empire State

Scenarios Roerich Tales, Prototype Rex

Amarella Marino

Quote "A spy? My husband is a spy?"

Background An infiltrator in the pirate base of Gitmo, he was rescued by the players when the heat turned on. After some trouble, he and his wife Amarella Marino were rescued, in her case against her better judgement.

Places Dixie

Scenarios Gitmo Pirates, Prototype Rex

Anthony Sothcott

Noah 'Nosasha' Marino

Solomon Black

Paulo Castille

Sister Superior Francisca Enolive

Signor Pepito Gasteban

Vilmer 'Admiral' Teldar


George 'Gauntlet George' Weatherman

Lyle 'Showstopper' Crawford

Acacia 'The Shark' Lexington

Laura 'White Queen' Winthers

Oswald Bastable

'Admiral Sonoda' Sonoda

Katherine 'Kate' Emmerson

Zacharias Griffin

Hajj 'Faris' Hasan

Henry Vredenburgh

George 'Black King' Ashby-Winther

Emanuel 'White King' Charnay

Kelsey 'Princess' Kinkaid

Roger Tepper

Dr Chadwick 'Dr McCoy' McCoy

Martha Bone

Paul 'Manhattan Miracle' Lemond

Cecilia Peters

Dr Tariel Nooma

Vlad 'The Count' Graves

Captain Collingsworth Jarboe

Anna Lang

Roscoe Slythe

Frank Bradbury

Dr Yuri Rostoli

William Moore

Charlene Whitston

Paul Danforth alias Kyle Williams

C.D. Dowdler

'The Mummy' Imrahotep

Albert Priestly

Alfred J. Simmington

Herman Baumann

Johann Benecke

Old Bulu

Ralph DeWitt

Daniel 'Dowsing Dan' Forblight

Douglas Halperin

'Patch' Maupierre

Charles Myers

Samuel Winslow

'Princess Elise' Elise of Bavaria

Aldous Brewer

Jin 'Red Dragon' Caipin

Damien d'Arnaux

Thomas Dinsdale

Leonard Hawkins

Bai 'Black Dragon' Huang

Guy Millot

'Father Raemacker' Raemacker

Adrien Verdier

Devorah 'Captain Deborah' ben Yitzchok

Robert Carrington

Tomas Gedney

Great King Hutulu of Hawaii

Lt. William 'Angel' Lofting

Nicholas Roerich

Paul Turlow

Princess 'Darlene' Annepthis

Allen Harding

Henry Adam Barber III

Cecil 'Carla' Randolph

Blanche Richmond

Herbert Whitfield

Bihari 'Bihari the Strangler' Kidawi

Will 'Sheriff Will' Whitford

Davy Billings

'Flying Thing' Brzzuk-Khzzul

Jack Buchan & Peleg Clyde - 'Jack & Clyde'

Darla Cowling

Shjiga and Eiko - 'Ninja Twins'

Anton Forble

Joseph 'Count Joseph' Heizelhof

Richard and Elissa Savelle

Igor Tokaryev

Amos 'Professor Whyte' White


Crandal 'Old Warhorse' Billings

Alix the Mysterious

Margarita 'Gypsy Rebel' Hobincu

Harry 'Lucky' Kenyon

Theresa 'Trea' Waughn

Miss Nyorlep the Seer

The Bear Man