Havoc in Honolulu

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Havoc in Honolulu
Wings of Honor episode

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Episode no. Episode 7
Date 1998
Game Master Carl Cramér
Characters Diana Dale
Madeleine Hazard
Rex Reason
Hendrick van der Decken
Episode chronology
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"Campus Terror" "Black Dragons"
Wings of Honor episode list

A mad dash through the royal palace.


Celebrating the victory against the mad scientist and his ape at a party they met Mr. Howard Hughes. Based on rumors that there were more redheaded gorillas like that living on an island He and Mr. C.D. Dowdler made a bet of who would get one of those apes back first. Aeroplanes were fitted with pontoons next day.

In the morning they left Hollywood. Mr. Hughes joined them in his brand new Firebrand. Late afternoon they reached a zeppelin at which they landed to get their aeroplanes refueled. They had to stay overnight to avoid landing in darkness. A cocktail party was arranged on the zeppelin. There were some reporters to cover the event. Diana flirted with Mr. Hughes, Mr Hughes flirted with Rebel. Rebel turned him down. He turned to Diana who turned him down, not being content at being second choice. She remembered that his womanizing was why she had left him in the first place.

The next day they flew on to Hawaii. When they Landed in harbor they noted that a Japanese cruiser were at anchor outside. Arriving at the airport bar they got contacted by strange people; a big Russian, a strange woman and others. There was also a female Rumanian thief who was a Rebel look-alike. They got themselves rooms at a hotel and went to sleep.

After meeting with the zeppelin captain, Hendrick Van Der Decken, they went looking at the town and shopping. At a market near the harbor they noted the female thief as she stole something in an obvious way. She then ran toward Rebel and hid. It was obvious she tried to get Rebel arrested. With an angry mob quickly gathering they fled. Intrigued by her presence, they tried to find out what treasures the thief could be after. The only thing they could come up with was an old coin. Walking down the streets they had a run in with police. Rebel was recognized and arrested. When Rex argued he was also arrested and Van Der Decken soon joined them. They were taken to the palace to be judged by the king. Diana who had kept a low profile, followed and sneaked in disguised as a harem girl.

They were to be judged by the king in the throne hall when another Rebel was brought in. Looking at them it was impossible to see any difference. Suddenly ninjas crashed through the roof. In the turmoil they got separated when they tried to escape. There were a lot of running around in the palace, Diana trying to look inconspicuous with a plate of grapes. In the garden they met with two guides; Patch Maupierre, a vengeful Polynesian, and Jocko Slade, a pilot without a plane. Finally they all confronted the King in the great hall again. His mother set him right and let them go. At the airport Van Der Decken noticed the stolen coin in his pocket and used it to get some missing engine parts to his zeppelin.

They got ready to leave Hawaii. When on the pier seeing to their planes before take off they heard a terrible fuss. It was the palace guards that ran toward them shouting "Stop the thief!"...