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Wings of Honor episode

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Episode no. Episode 6
Date 1998
Game Master Carl Cramér
Characters Diana Dale
Madeleine Hazard
Rex Reason
Episode chronology
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"The End of Wolf Creek" "Havoc in Honolulu"
Wings of Honor episode list
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On the trail of the mad scientist.


The three aeroplanes reached Hollywood and was greated at the border by ?

They flew towards San Francisco and landed on the west side of Berkley.

In Berkeley

When they started to look around for Dr. Jaque Remoux, College of Berkeley, they first looked at the University until realizing that it clearly said "College" on the card Rebel had.

When they looked around at the rtight place they found out that a boy and a girl were missing from the College of Berkeley. Jimmy Young found dead. Davy Billings falls in love with Diane and waits for date. When it was decided to break in to the lab, Diana decided to get fitting clothes for the job. She didn't really know how a catburglar dressed, so she got hold of a black leotard cat suit with a tail from a masquerade shop. Rebel wasn't impressed and explained that cat burglars had nothing to do with cats more than both are known to climb well. Diane (in cat suit) and Rebel investigate labs. No real clues.

Rex asks on the streets, finds disgruntled gangster who tells prof has monkey hidden in old gym hall. Rebel meets professor and volunteers to for experiments. Taken to old Gym building.

Davy Billings knows secret passage; Rex sneaks in. Rebel fools prof and they connect him wrong way to machine. Supposed to such power; really strengthens him. He breaks loose, monkey breaks loose, big fight. Rebel goes down, ape goes down. Diane come in and fools doc into striking batteries; big explosion. Ape throws himself to protect Rebel.

Police come and digs everyone out. Darla Cowling found.