Escaping the Natives

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Escaping the Natives
Wings of Honor episode

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Episode no. Episode 10
Date 1998
Game Master Carl Cramér
Characters Diana Dale
Madeleine Hazard
Rex Reason
Hendrick van der Decken
Episode chronology
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"Trail of the Past" "Into the Volcano"
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Jungle adventure!


The group set out at high speed, almost running through the jungle, trying to reach their camp before the natives could. Diana Dale had no problems with the jungle and ran almost with younger steps than usual. Eventhough carrying the heavy, large ape on the strecher most held a very high speed, but soon the priest ended up at the end of the group. He had trouble keeping up. They realized that they never would make it all together. Instead they turned off their trail to the north and tried to hide. Diana headed back to the camp, moving much faster alone. She reached it and quickly passed on Van Der Decken's orders to the crew there. Diana told them that if she and the others needed the boat to come and get them they would use a flare in the shoreline. The crew had just about time to get the most important equipment and leave before the canoes reached the land and the natives rushed ashore.

Diana returned to the others hiding followed closely by the natives following the trail they had made earlier. As Diana reached her friends they started circling back toward the shore further to the north. The natives cought on to their trick and followed their tracks. They were gaining on them but hadn't spotted them yet. The priest couldn't take it any more, but fell to his knees drawing for his breath. They quickly agreed on that all others continued with the ape before it woke up and could revealed their position, while Diana stayed behind with the priest. Diana helped the priest to hide in the undergrowth and climbed a tree above him herself, hiding among the braches. The natives approached slowly apparently suspecting some foul play. They were big and muscular wearing large plumes of bright red-orange feathers around their faces and not much else. They were poking the bushes with their large spears as they came up on them.

The priest was trying to keep his heavy breathing as quiet as possible while they waited for the natives to pass. As the closest ones approached the priest's bush Diana tensed and she readied herself for leaping down on the would be discoverer, but the natives moved past. They both relaxed. After waiting for the natives to disappear Diana climbed down and helped the prieast up to followed them at a safe distance.