The Quest

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The Quest
Purple Dragon episode
Purple DragonPurple Dragon
Episode no. Episode 5
Game Master Panzerman
Characters Dorian Wolfe
Iordan Chaff
Jorstag Carmog
Markvart Caldera
Experience 2,000
Episode chronology
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"Chasing the Dragon" "An Adventure in Arabel"
Purple Dragon episode list

In which the knights begin their quest to slay the werewolf.


Sir Markvart and the foreigner Menkalinan are soon feverish from the werewolf bites, and the group decide to return to the army camp for divine aid. Markvart is soon cured, but Menkalinan force to remain in the hospital tent for observation.

When told about the Drow attack, Iordan believe that the drow equipment may be "missing" from Prospero stores. Apparently the wizard has aided Mariza, the magistrate in Arabel with an investigation into the activities into the Cult of the Dragon. The connection between the Cult and the drow, if any, is not known at this time.

Dorian writes a report about their patrol activity, and it is not long before they are summoned to the General's tent. They are given an official quest to track and slay the drow werewolf they encountered earlier, and are told to draw whatever equipment they need from the army stores. The quartermaster furnishes them with silver morningstars, daggers and a sheaf of silver arrows.

The heroes set out for the abandoned farm. They debate the best way to fight the werewolf, and decide that fighting on horseback should allow them to prevent the werewolf from fleeing. They encounter a small group of elves near the farm. Their leader, a ranger called Rumiziel, tells them that the beast is heading east, towards Cormyr. They elves believe that he is headed to a specific, but yet unknown objective. Despite some elven suspicion, the two groups decide to join forces on the trek towards Cormyr.

During the trip, the elves keep to themselves as they scout the road ahead. A few days later, the elves report that the werewolf has passed through an abandoned fort on the border. Their scouts have seen demons there, and they have probably summoned recently. Such fell creatures have no business in Cormyr, and the knights ride at once to the fort to slay the demons.

Bold Jorstag rides tot he gate of the fort an challenges any demon inside to fight. A score of foul dretches answer his call! They other knights join the fight, and while the demons are easily slain, their demonic flatulence make it difficult to fight them in honorable combat. This quandary is resolved by a well placed web spell, and the knights use the immobilized demons as target practice.

Inside, they find a summoning circle and a dead wizards. Iordan confirms that this is indeed a summoner. He appears to have been killed from behind by a large, clawed creature. This is soon revealed to be a vrock who has hidden on the upper level. It has no interest in facing the knights, and flies away after vowing to slay them at later date.

After a thorough search of the keep, a letter with instructions for the summoner, signed by "X". This letter is probably from the Cult of the Dragon. (Why do we think that?)' The dead summoner has plenty of cash and magical paraphernalia, and his intention may have been to establish a local power base in the fort. Whatever his plans, they ended with his death. In addition, a baneblade is found. (Where? On a corpse? Were there other corpses in the tower?) Perhaps a struggle between the Cult of the Dragon and the Church of Bane has taken place in the tower...

The elves inform tell the knights that the werewolf tracks lead tot he south, and that the elven patrol must return to Cormanthor. Before they leave, they give the knights a sheaf of magical arrows to aid them in their quest.


  • Baneblade, a lawful longsword +1 prominently marked with the symbol of Bane
  • Official document for the quest
  • Silver morning stars, arrows and daggers for use against the werewolf
  • 50 longbow arrows +1 from the elves (divided among heroes)