An Adventure in Arabel

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An Adventure in Arabel
Purple Dragon episode
Purple DragonPurple Dragon
Episode no. Episode 6
Date 2007-11-22
Game Master Panzerman
Characters Dorian Wolfe
Iordan Chaff
Jorstag Carmog
Experience 2,000
Episode chronology
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"The Quest" "Wolfbane"
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In which the heroes capture a necromancer in Arabel.


A messenger arrived and informed Sir Markvart that his presence was required at the family estate. He left while the group continued southwest along the river towards Wyvernwater on their way to Arabel. Iordan questioned the local farmers along their way, and after a few days, he learned that Countess Redbough had some trouble with her sheep.

The knights rode to the farm where they were greeted by Evelyn, Countess Redbough and widow of the late Count who died in battle. All sheep had been killed by claw or fang, but only a few had been. The rest appeared to have been killed out of spite. The farmer told the knights that the beast had struck three days ago. The Countess believed that the beast is still on this side of the river since a sheepdog had been killed in her domain the day before yesterday. The knights had made time, and were clearly gaining on the beast. Hopefully, he could cross the river here since the bridge has not been rebuilt after the war. The countess agreed to send a skilled woodsman to track the beast. The knights were given quarter in a local village, and rode off in pursuit of the beast next morning.

The were joined by the ranger Bronson the next day. During the next few days, Bronson found an occasional track, enough to determine that the beast was heading along the river towards Wyvernwater. Perhaps he was take the southern road towards Arabel. Near Arabel, the ranger found a spot where their quarry had met with a man who wore heavy boots. He can find no further tracks by the beast, and informs the knights that his task is done. The trusty ranger returned to his mistress, and the knights decided to enter Arabel. Hopefully, they would find this mysterious stranger in the town.

In Arbael, the heroes met the city magistrate, (name). They informed her of their quest and the danger the werewolf posed to the realm. The magistrate briefed them about the situation in Arabel, and told them about a series of strange thefts of animal and monster body parts.

The knights obtained quarters at one of the better inns in the city. There, they stopped a group of thugs from absconding with a pair of wyvern wings from a nearby taxidermist's shop. The five robbers were remarkably confident when they were confronted by the battle-hardened knights. Even though one of them drew a flaming bastard sword, the thugs were easily defeated. One fled, one was trapped in Iordan's arcane iron bands and the rest were slain by the knights. When the heroes examined the dead robbers, Iordan recognized the reek of a tannery on one of them. Florian and Iordan examined the weapons and discovered that they are magical but free from the taint of evil. The taxidermist was most grateful and gave the knights a fine brass lantern as a token of his gratitude.

Iordan believed that some mage must be building a necromantic construct. This may be wizard Lazidor who Iordan came in contact with during his earlier investigation into the Cult of the Dragon. The group entered the craftsmen's quarter but have little luck locating the tannery until Dorian enlists the help of a local drunkard who is generously rewarded for his trouble.

At the tannery, they were ambushed by a score of skeletons in a warehouse. Those who were not slain by Sir Jorstag were turned to dust by Florian while the rest of the team enter the office. Soon, they have located the a secret door. The local defenders were debating quite loudly whether they should fight or flee, and this made them rather easy to locate. The heroes descent into a secret lair and wisely ignore the unknown, tarpaulin-covered object. They rightly assume that this is the construct. The leaders are the demonologist Lazidor and the necromancer Blaze. The former has sense to flee while Blaze activates his large construct. The huge thing resembles a giant lizard skeleton and wounds Dorian grievously before the heroes retreat down a corridor. There they defeated a few cultist who tried to protect the necromancer. In the end, Iordan wrestled Blaze to the ground while Lazidor fled.

The heroes searched the lair and found some references to the werewolf in an unfinished letter to the Cult of the Dragon. They learned nothing more than that he has passed through Arabel and is held in low regard by Blaze. Soon, the magistrate arrived to take care of the necromancer Blaze while the construct, which was too large to leave the room, was safely destroyed by pike-armed soldiers from the city watch.



  • keen battleaxe +1 of speed
  • potion of bull's strength
  • potion of cure serious wounds (1)


  • flaming bastard sword +2
  • potions cat's grace (3)
  • potion of cure serious wounds (1)


  • longsword sword +2
  • ring of protection +1
  • bracers of armor +2
  • potion of cat's grace (1)
  • a spellbook (contains all necromatic spells)


  • longsword +2
  • potion of bull's strength (2)
  • potion of cure serious wounds (1)


In addition, 4000 p (neatly sorted in bags) was found. This was deemed ill-gotten wealth and was thus returned to the city magistrate in Arabel along with two baneblades (lawful longsword +1), one of found in the hideout and one in the ruined fort.