Salvaging the Situation

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Salvaging the Situation
Purple Dragon episode
Purple DragonPurple Dragon
Episode no. Episode 28
Date 2008-07-04
Game Master Panzerman
Characters Dorian Wolfe
Jorstag Carmog
Klaus Stierheim
Markvart Caldera
Experience 3,000
Episode chronology
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"Death of a Regent" "Trollslayers"
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In which an rebellion in Arabel is avoided.


Life continued in Suzail after the attack. Iordan started to organize the administration[1]. Sir Dorian was now the highest ranking member of the Purple Dragon Knights in the capital, and he entrusted the life of the crown prince to Sir Jorstag and Sir Markvart. It was not long until word of the calamity had spread and noble families returned from their estates.

Word reached the capital that the Huntsilvers supported Marianne Velodar of Marsember. Ayesunder Truesilver admitted that his family did not yet have a candidate for regent in mind. Dernal Crownsilver, the lord of Arabel, had declared his support for one Bleyn Sarram. Baron Delaney thought this tantamount to rebellion. He and had gathered his troops and allies and encircled Arabel.

The crown prince, Duke Truesilver and the Purple Dragon Knights traveled to Arabel to avoid a massacre of Arabel at best and a civil war at worst. Near Arabel, they were greeted by Kranston Delaney, nephew of the baron. Present at the army headquarters was of course Barons Delaney, Stierheim and Ironcrow, as well as Baroness de Mornay. At council was held, and Duke Truesilver explained that his cousins did not support Bleyn Sarram as heir to the crown, only as regent. Baron Delaney still thought this this treason, and Sir Dorian expressed his displeasure that certain nobles wanted to replace the regent while she was still living. Also present was King Balnock of Felsenmark and Countess Juno Lombard. The barbarian king made it clear that he was only present as a loyal subject of Cormyr, and watched the proceedings with great interest.

The royal force met with the defenders of Arabel under a flag of truce. The Crownsilvers declared their loyalty to the prince, and the threat of war was thus over, much to Baron Delayneys dismay. The prince decided that he should ride through streets of Arabel so that the people could show their love for the prince. There was much rejoicing in Arabel. The young prince met with Master Sarran at the city hall in Arabel. He seemed like an honest man, and was embarrassed to admit that he was apparently the bastard son of the late king. He knelt before the prince and swore that he would serve him faithfully.

The nobles discussed the merits of these bastards as regents. Sir Dorian stated his opinion that it would be better to chose a regent that was not under the thumb of one of the Silver families, though he did not use these words.[2] With Sir Markvart and Sir Jorstag at his side, the young prince less uncertain than the nobles thought. He declared that he would make no decision about a regency until the Parliament of Peers[3], and would rule from the summer palace outside Suzail. In the meantime, his subjects were to track down the Cult of the Dragon.

The crown prince instructed the knights to slay the undead dragon which had taken the life of his sister. Thus instructed, the knights left on their quest. Caldera was unable to join his comrades in arms, since he had to return to his family estate to help defend it against the predatory minions of the Wolf Queen.

*    *    *

The heroes found no traces of the huge undead dragon turtle. This was not surprising, since the monster had returned to the sea. As luck would have it, encounterd the elven ranger Rumiziel after a few days in the wilderness. He told them that a large creature was on their trail. They had found crude carvings of their coats of arms on trees. Whether these were carved by the beast of by some unkown agent who directed was not known. They knew knew that the creature was a large humanoid, trollish in form, but far more intelligent and dangerous than an ordinary troll or ogre. It traveled through the deep wilderness, and had already slain several elven scouts.


  1. ^ This included excavation of the palace ruins (by means of summoned earth elementals) in order to secure the royal treasury.
  2. ^ Sir Dorian's choice would be Baroness Demornay. She is the last of the family and would have no political agenda. He has spoken of this prvately with her and Barons Stierheim and Delaney. It is unlikely that the idea will get much support at Parliament, but only time will tell.
  3. ^ The coming winter, i.e. at the beginning of 1378.