Dueling Lutes

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Dueling Lutes
Purple Dragon episode
Purple DragonPurple Dragon
Episode no. Episode 14
Date 2008-02-08
Game Master Panzerman
Characters Dorian Wolfe
Iordan Chaff
Jorstag Carmog
Experience 2,000
Episode chronology
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"Parliament of Peers" "The Lost Village"
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In which the knights fight duels both martial and musical.


Shortly after the Parliament of Peers, the knights met Corina Sendebar, Iordan's mother. She had decided to visit her bookish son and hopefully convince him to marry the daughter of a wealthy salt merchant. Iordan gently rebuffed his mother's suggestions, but agreed to show her the sights and introduce her to the knights. A pleasant meal at The Dragon's Jaws [1] was interrupted when a footman in the colors of Count Sebastian Valdir [2] delivered a letter with a challenge to Sir Dorian.

The arms of Sabledeer.

Dorian asked Sir Jorstag to act as his second and arrange the particuars of the duel. During a meeting with a friend of the Count, Sir Jorstag was surprised to see Princess Alusair who had apparently heard of the duel. While she was not too fond of Sir Dorian, she made it clear that Cormyr needed knights, and that a duel to the death would not be acceptable. The seconds made arrangements for the duel to fought at dawn outside of town. It attracted several spectators, including Ruthwen Ironcrow and his sister Mabel. The Count proved to be a skillful and honorable opponent, but Sir Dorian was victorious. After the duel, Baron Ironcrow congratulated him and hinted that his younger sister Mabel was sure to accept Dorian's proposal if he asked for her hand in marriage.

Iordan showed little interest in his mothers suggestions of marriage or a mercantile career. Rather, he choose to discuss his ideas about written laws and proper courts with King Balnock. This would surely be a civilizing influence on the nascent barbarian kingdom.

Later in the day, Sir Jorstag found lady Miranda in argument with a young lady about the virtues of their knights. When Jorstag remarked that Jonathan Sabledeer sounded like a fine catch, she took offense. Sir Jorstag met Count Jonathan on the town, and led to an exchange of words and an impromptu musical challenge. The Baron readily agreed to this, and sent his footman to fetch his instrument, a beautiful six-course Amnite laúd. [3] It was decided that each knight should play three tunes, one chosen by Sir Jorstag, one by Count Jonathan, and one by the onlookers. Florian (who oversaw the duel) asked Corina Sendebar to choose the final tune, which was Sembian dance. The Count won the contest, much to Miranda's disappointment. She haughtily proclaimed that she expected valorous deeds from Sir Jorstag soon.

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  1. ^ The Dragon's Jaws is the best tavern in Suzail. Cf. Volo's Guide to Cormyr, p. 30.
  2. ^ Count Sebastian Valdir has holdings on the Sembian border to the east, probably near the Vast Swamp.
  3. ^ The laúd is Spanish (and thus Amnish) lute. In game terms, the Count's instrument is simply a masterwork lute.