Conspiracies and Clues

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Conspiracies and Clues
Purple Dragon episode
Purple DragonPurple Dragon
Episode no. Episode 26
Date 2008-06-13
Game Master Panzerman
Characters Dorian Wolfe
Iordan Chaff
Jorstag Carmog
Experience 3,000
Episode chronology
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"The City of the Dead" "Death of a Regent"
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In which the heroes meet Lady Cleoptra Truesilver and discuss a most delicate matter.


The heroes traveled west to Suzail and then to Castle Valdiir. They returned the bodies of the dead knight and squire to Count Valdiir, as well as the family sword found in the City of the Dead.

The Cult of the Dragon was still a treat to be reckoned with even without the Nectomen. If the message from Aran could be delivered to General Blackskull, he would no longer serve the cult. Sir Jorstag decided that the knights should patrol the border and search for the Cult, while Iordan preferred to return to Arabel. As luck would have it, they soon encountered a group of bandits who had occasionally aided the Cult. They were enlisted by the knights, and given instructions to report any cult members to the authorities. Two of them, Karl and Franz, were requited as servants by the Sir Dorian and Sir Jorstag.

Lady Cleaoptra Truesilver and Florian.

In a village to the north, Franz recognized a wealthy farmer as a member of the cult. Sir Jorstag's ring of spell storing came in handy, and used a prepared sending spell to contact Iordan in Arabel. Soon Victor, a grim agent of the crown, arrived and made himself known to the heroes. He was instructed to watch the farmer cultist for now and report to the magistrates.

The knights were confident that Victor had the situation well in hand. They continued to Sir Dorian's estate, Thornhill manor, and awaited further developments. A few days later, Sir Jorstag encountered a barbarian barbarian messenger. He was from the Eagle Clan and served Countess Lombard. He explained that he had an urgent message to Florian. This led to an impromptu race and drinking of much ale once the was delivered to the paladin.

The letter was from Lady Cleopatra Truesilver.She asked to see Florian discretely and discuss a delicate matter. Florian swore Sir Dorian and Sir Jortag to secrecy, and they rode off to find the lady in Suzail.

The arms of truesilver.

Florian made discrete inquiries among the staff at the Truesilver residence. The lady was not at home, and he thought it prudent not to press the matter. Sir Dorian recalled that the Lady Cleopatra had a private residence near the Wyvernwater (?), and the knights rode off to hopefully meet with the lady there.

Lady Cleopatra greeted the heroes warmly, and explained that had summoned the thembecause they were honorable men who had the interests of Cormyr at heart. She swore them to secrecy, and while she would not name anyone, she let them know that some noble families sought to question Princess Alusair's right to act as regent. Relatives, among them her (brother?) Amadeus Truesilver, sought to learn more about certain details in her past.[1]

Lady Cleopatra met with Florian in private. While the nature of their discussion remains unknown, Florian wore her colors the next day.[2]


  1. ^ Lady Cleopatra had married a lesser, but extremely wealthy noble. GM knows his name. He took his wife's family name when they married. Their marriage is apparently one of convenience only, and they have no love for each other.
  2. ^ While Florian's parents are not known officially, those with political acumen and knowledge of his whereabouts may be able to deduce the truth.