An Amicable Armistice

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An Amicable Armistice
Purple Dragon episode
Purple DragonPurple Dragon
Episode no. Episode 12
Date 2008-01-25
Game Master Panzerman
Characters Dorian Wolfe
Iordan Chaff
Jorstag Carmog
Experience 2,500
Episode chronology
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"Barbarians on the Border" "Parliament of Peers"
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In which the knights meet Balnock the Red and a truce is agreed upon.


The knights left the village and Markvart behind[1] The land had once belonged to Cormyr, but was now ruled by the Wolf clan. From time to time, the heroes saw ork and goblin heads placed on spears. It was clear that the barbarians did not like the greenskin invaders, but the knights were granted safe passage when they proclaimed their official mission. The bold Sir Jorstag managed to find some sport against on of the the warriors of the Wolf Clan in the form of unarmed combat. While not a knightly form of combat, he manage to win the friendly contest.

After a week (or so) of travel, the knights arrived at an old abandoned border fort. A ramshackle town of tents and clapboard houses had grow up around it, and it was home to Cormyrean peasants, foreigner and barbarians. While this settlement was not fortified, it was well guarded by the barbarian warriors. This was clearly a place where warriors from several clans had gathered, for clan banners and the red demon flag of Balnock were on display.

The sturdiest building was an old barn which now served as an inn. There, the knights met a group of merchants, led by a boyar and a knight from Traldara, a country along the Sword Coast. They had come to the town (which should perhaps have a name) with a merchant caravan. Their maps were quite dated, and the knights gave them directions to Arabel where they would surely make a handsome profit.

Soon, a gruff barbarian warrior appeared and escorted them to the king's throne room. This was Otho, the kings seneschal. He wore a green tabard with a rampant white bear, but appeared less that pleased with his courtly role. He hoped that the arrival of the knights meant that there would soon be war.

Balnock the Red was delighted to welcome the knights and their retinue as his guests. They presented him with an old chronicle of the first Corymrean kings, and this gift pleased the king greatly. The knights found the king to be far from a savage barbarian chieftain. This was perhaps not surprising; the king had after all adventured in Cormyr in his youth. Perhaps he was even a man worthy of respect, and he would certainly be a formidable opponent.

Once the knights had settled in their quarters, the king invited them to display their martial skills to his people. Balnock har recruited some Cormyrean drill instructors in the hope of turning his men into proper soldiers, but had met with little success so far. Since this was an amicable contest, it was agreed that the squires should meet young barbarian warriors on foot. The king was pleased when the heavily armored squires defeated their barbarian opponents. This, he exclaimed, was the future of warfare! The nights were much impressed by the courage of the barbarians, and even more so by the pit fiend head the king displayed as a trophy. He was clearly no ordinary barbarian warrior.

After this exhibition, several days of negotiations followed. The regent's staff was kept up-to-date by frequent use of Iordan's Archon Express messaging service as the heroes send diplomatic and military reports. In addition, Florian arranged for a missionary to be sent from the church of Siamorphe in Cormyr. This was none other than Father Keitel, his former mentor.

King Balnock made it clear that since Cormyr was weak, he had the right and obligation to protect the land as its king. He explained to his guests that he had given this matter some thought. If he and the heir became blood brothers, he could rule Cormyr until young Azoun came of age. He was sorely disappointed that this was not practiced in civilized nations, and that a barbarian as sole rule of Cormyr would be seen as nothing more than an usurper. Indeed, since there was no line of succession, it might even be viewed as a direct threat to the life of young Azoun.

Iordan suggested that Balnock could perhaps be made dux bellorum or grand marshal, but the king made it clear that he would settle for nothing less than the throne.

Dorian's suggestion was more to the king's liking. He suggested that an alliance between Cormyr and the barbarian lands would be of benefit to both side. The king objected that he had no no country to speak of, but Dorian argued that much of Cormyr had once been wilderness that had since been settled. Peace would be guaranteed by his marriage to princess Alustriel (?) and co-regency of Cormyr and the barbarian land by Balnock and the Princess. Surely the princess would bring a suitable parcel of land as dowry... The king decided that this proposal merited more discussion, and readily agreed to postpone any hostile action until after the spring session of the Parliament of Peers in Suzail.

Florian carried this message to General Delaney at Castle Lombard. The General was not amused, but let his duty and not his love of war guide his actions. He met with king Balnock on the border, and an armistice was agreed upon.

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  1. ^ Segmarian was sick, so Caldera stayed behind to prepare for the arrival of the army.