All done with duels

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All done with duels
Purple Dragon episode
Purple DragonPurple Dragon
Episode no. Episode 43
Date 2008-11-07
Game Master Panzerman
Characters Dorian Wolfe
Iordan Chaff
Jorstag Carmog
Klaus Stierheim
Experience 3,500
Episode chronology
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"Follow the Money" "Return to Tilverton"
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In which the knights duels general Blackskull and watches border disputes resolved through duels.


As Iordan interrogate the prisoner, the knights arrange an impromptu tournament, to show the locals how knightly behavior is done in Cormyr. The tournament takes a surprising turn, as general Blackskull arrives under parliament flag.

He demands that the Cult of the Dragon prisoner, Corbitt, be turned over to him, since he consider himself honor bound to kill him due to the lies the cult have told him to snare him into their service. The knights declare this to be a question for the king, Balnock. As the king arrives, he is escorted by his bodyguards, including Otho. Violence hangs in the air as Balnock considers the request.

In the end the king wisely decides to yield the prisoner to the undead knight, as the prisoner would have been executed anyway and he finds Blackskulls argument well motivated. Otho is obviously disappointed, but abides in silence.

General Blackskull makes the process short with the prisoner, draining him of life and soul. As he turns away, his primary mission completed, he challenges Jorstag to duel, and very nearly unhorses the bold knight in the following joust.

Dorian raises to the occasion, in turn challenging the undead fiend. In a stand up sword fight, he manage to best the general, who conceded the fight.

Now the foul general turned to Klaus, challenging him to a fight with hand weapons. As Klaus chose to fight on foot, the insidious knight chose to fight to first hit, and proceed to maul the fair knight in a lightning attack, thus besting two out of three of the boldest knights of the realm.

As the tournament fought and the prisoner interrogated and now dead, the knights and Iordan turned their attention to the brewing conflict at the border between Cormyr and Felsenmark. Arriving ast the scene they find a battle being prepared. The young countess fielded a force of mainly barbarians from Felsenland, while the stout baron had a force of Cormyrians. It was anyones guess who had the edge in a battle, and the knights approached the countess to discuss the situation.

The countess, while having the formal rights on her side, showed herself open to seek a solution that would not waste her valiant troops lifes in wain. Florian was sent as an emmisary to the baron, suggesting a duel in person between the baron and the countess in person, to decide one and for all the question of border taxes. In a fight where it was clear from the beginning the countess was outclassed, the baron won the day but the countess showed moral fibre and personal courage.

This still left two questions open, where the baron had made remarks on her youth and her competence. The baron accepted to be held responsible for these remarks in battle against the countess's chosen champions. Dorian Wolfe's brother was sent forth and won the field, while a Felsenmark noble did fell short against the baron. Thus these remarks was settled in an honorable way, and the border conflict settled the Cormyrian way with honor preserved and loss of blood minimal.