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Characters on the US Infinity server.


Character Lvl Player Origin Archetype Notes
Agent U89 Hunter Natural Scrapper Stern British secret agent.
Arielle Hack Magical Scrapper Intertemporal scrappy girl.
Creamy Tuft Natural Tanker (Inv/Energy)
Cidri Carl Cramér Magic Scrapper (Claws/SR)
Boomtown Rat Carl Cramér Mutant Blaster (Fire/Devices)
Jinnie Tuft Magic Controller(Ill/FF)
Graycat Tuft Natural Scrapper Extraterrestial volunteer catgirl.
Lina Reverse Tuft Magical Blaster (Fire/Fire) Fiery mage.
Lina Subverse Tuft Magical Blaster (Fire/Ice) Fiery mage.
Nurse White Tuft Technology Defender
Officer Steele Hunter Technology Tanker Female cyborg.
Paragon Angel Carl Cramér Magic Defender Descended to help the earth.
The Radium Man Fredrik Persson Science Defender Nuclear warhead disarmer
Tabbey Carl Cramér Natural Controller (Grav/Rad) Cat girl
Tuft Tuft Mutant Scrapper (Martial Arts/Super Reflexes) Elven Martial Artist
UrbanAvenger Hunter Natural Blaster Crimefighting ex-soldier.
Vita Hunter Natural Scrapper Death defying martial artist.
Xora Carl Cramér Magic Defender Spider queen.