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Paragon Angel


By Carl Cramér

Paragon angel is descended from heaven to help the city of Paragon in it's hour of need. She has no specific memories of what heaven was like, nor of which creed it adhered to - if any. She vaguely remembers that she left those memories there as a policy descision.

Her powers are healing, inspiration, and the clean wrath of an angel - what she refers to as her Angel Claws. She doesn't really have any favored enemies of her own - she sees her role as the companion and aide of heroes, helping them fight their wars. Bringing her own wars to earth would be counter-productive.

In game terms she's a Magic Empathy/Energy defender with Leadership and Flight. She has almost all of the Empathy powers. She plays mostly with Misry, Agent U89, and Ice Floe - though it was a while since she met Mr Floe. She may have a crush on the big cold guy.

Member of GAIA