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Susan Forrester was an waitress and wannabe stage dancer who worked as a summer temp on an archeological dig. This expedition uncovered the Armor of Cidri - a legendary artifact considiting of some shoulder pieces and heavy armored gloves. Because of her looks she was selected to model the armor at a press conferece, which was then attacked by Helions. The spirit dormant in the armor possessed Susan, extended its claws, and the rest is history. A rather bloody history.

Cidri is an amalgam of two personalities, the legendary warrior Cidri and the modern girl Susan. Luckily, they are not all that different - both are free-spirited, fun-loving and like to show off. Cidri has a kinky side while Susan is somewhat greedy, but neither to excess. The two souls happily ally to create the heroine Cidri.

In game terms, Cidri is a Claws/Super Regles Magical Scrapper. She focuses heavily on defenses and moves with Super Jump. She only has two real attacks at this point, but this serves her needs. In the long run, I plan to make her an area scrapper.

Her main friends in GAIA are Miss Electra and Tuft. She is also a very close buddy with Sword Broad.