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Xora is a spider godess from another reality. She was summonned here by the Circle of Thorns. They knew her as a fantastic source of magical power, a natural channel of grand proportions. What they did not know was that she is much to wild and undisciplined to work with the Thorns.

Xora is a magical conduit, and supernatural forces tend to ground through her. She literally leaks magical energy, that can benefit both her and bystanders. Her own, more focused powers resemble those of a spider. She can jump, climb, shoot webs, entangle, poison, and generally fight pretty well.

In game terms, she's a Radiation Emission / Dark Blast Magic Defender, but I only plan on getting three or four Radiation Emission powers. Xora is built to be able to solo if she has to. Where many characters manage to keep Hasten constantly on, Xora plans to keep Accelerate Metabolism constantly on in the same way. Hopefully, this will make up for the fact that she's a defender, not a blaster, which she likes to think of herself as.