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Update We simply have too many servers with active characters to list them all here, so I made sub-pages. Sadly, this conflicts with how the old lists' links are set up, so at this point only the new servers have separate pages.

Union - EU - Mostly Heroes

Defiant - EU - Mostly villains

Thoughts About Hero/Villain List Organization

A agree that listing characters by server is probably best. Put heroes under City of Heroes/Characters/<server> and villains under City of Villains/Characters/Server. We can create automated long lists by using includes.

If the same character exists on several servers, that can be handled by using redirects.

The active column should be removed. We never update the active listing anyway. It's better to have a retired section as a separate table under the (somewhat) active character listing.

The gallery column should be removed. It simply takes too much space to be useful.

City of Villains Beta (EU)

Some of our City of Heroes characters are listed below, though many pf them are no longer active. Please note that the Wiki name of the characters is not necessarily the same as the online name! The proper online name is listed in the table below, though. If in doubt, please see the individual character page for details. Please put these characters on your Friends list!. Contact us if you want to join one of heroes below in our quest for justice! Either that, or use in-game email to one of the active characters.

We also have a gallery of City of Heroes sceenshots.

Update: I think it would be better to list the forum login/global chat handle rather than the player name below. I have changed this for Hunter.

Infinity (US)

Moved to Infinity.

Freedom (US)

Active Character Pic Player Origin Archetype Notes
Show of Force Tuft Technology Blaster (AR/Energy)

Liberty (US)

Active Character Pic Player Origin Archetype Notes
Pale Rabbit Tuft Magic Blaster (Ice/Ice)

Pinnacle (US)

Active Character Pic Player Origin Archetype Notes
X Guyver Z Oscar Ubeda Segmar Technology Blaster From the succesful Guyver series.
X Fire Guyver Oscar Ubeda Segmar Science Tanker From the succesful Guyver series.
X Captain Cyborg Oscar Ubeda Segmar Technology Tanker Arrest mode enabled. Criminals will be aprehended.
X Elusive Space Fredrik Persson Technology Controller Ill/Rad
X Safety Distance Fredrik Persson Natural Blaster Energy/Energy
X Aniara Fredrik Persson Natural Peacebringer

Triumph (US)

Active Character Pic Player Origin Archetype Notes
Barbarian Queen Tuft Magic Tanker (Invulnerability/Battleaxe)
Caryatid Tuft Magic Tanker (Stone/Stone)

Pinnacle (US) P.S.I.

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Pinnacle (US) Magical Girls

Active Character Pic Player Origin Archetype Notes
Soldier Mercury Carl Cramér Magical Controller (Ice)
Soldier Venus Håkan Ackegård Magical Blaster (Energy Blast/Energy Manipulation)
Soldier Moon MatsÖhrman Magical Defender (Empathy/Psychic Blast)
Soldier Mars X O'Malley Magical Blaster (Fire)
Soldier Jupiter Hunter Magical Blaster (Electricity)
Soldier Saturn Oscar Ubeda Segmar Magical Defender (Force Field/Energy Blast)
Soldier Pluto O'Malley Magical Defender (Kinetics/Energy Blast)

Retirees (US)

These characters no longer exist. Alas, we remember them... or not.

Server Character Gallery Player Origin Archetype Notes
Infinity Captain Sweden Urban Blom Natural Tanker Clone of Gustavus Adolphus.
Infinity Debugger X Carl Cramér Technology Tanker Runaway debugging tool.
Infinity Grome Carl Cramér Mutant Controller Retarded elemental.
Infinity Lady Victory Hunter Science Blaster Sidekick of Captain Sweden.
Infinity Reformed Diablo X Carl Cramér Magic Tanker Reformed game villain.
Infinity Shadala X Carl Cramér Magic Blaster Egyptian fire mage.
Infinity Sink Thing Fredrik Persson Mutant Tanker
Infinity Ms White X Carl Cramér Natural Tanker Disciplinarian.
Pinnacle Elektrika X Hunter Science Blaster
Pinnacle Red Oktober X Hunter Mutant Tanker Heroic Defender of the Proletariat.
Mr Smoketoomuch Tuft Technology Tanker Victim of radioactive tobacco.