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4ED&D 4E
4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons

Paragon paths and epic destinies are paths of character customization introduced in 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons. A character may choose a paragon path upon reaching the paragon tier at level 11. Paragon paths are often class-specific, and some have additional prerequisites.

General rules for paragon paths are described in the Player's Handbook. Additional options are presented below.


Paragon Multiclassing

At level 11, a paragon multiclass character gains am at-will power of his second class as an at-will power, in addition to any at-will powers currently held.

Path Feats

These are special heroic tier feats geared towards a particular paragon path and give limited abilities similar to those of paragon path available in the heroic tier. You can only take one path feat. If you have a path feat and take a paragon path that gives the same ability, you can automatically retrain your path feat. This does not count as your retraining option for that level. You can still choose to take another paragon path and keep the path feat. This is similar to multi-classing, but for paragon paths.

Paragon Paths


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