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4ED&D 4E
4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons

You are skilled at making things. Different craftsmen make different kinds of objects. For a heroic character crafts come easily, and you will often surpass ordinary craftsmen in proficiency and diversity. Thus, the craft fields given here are very broad. Most professional craftsmen are much more specialized that this. Still, the Crafts profession is divided into a number of fields or specialties. Each is a separate profession that must be learned separately, but the Handyman talent gives a feat bonus to all crafts.

Crafts can be used to aid all creation rituals for appropriate objects. Craft skills can also be used to create suitable presents meant for particular people; a well-crafted and suitable present can give a +2 bonus on social interaction rolls against the recipient. The DC of making a fitting present is the Will defense of the target.

Magic Item Creation

A trained craftsman can make magic items appropriate to his craft. A smith makes swords, a leatherworker leather armor and so on. Crafting magic items can be part of an an adventure, but can take as little as an hour if everything comes together.

In game terms, magic item creation works like the Enchant Magic Item ritual, but only for items appropriate to the Craft skill in question.

Craft skills

Craft skills are described on the Professions page.

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