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4ED&D 4E
4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons

Local magic items.

Magic Armor

Masterwork heavy armor is abolished. Instead, heavy armor doubles the enchantment bonus to AC. Light masterwork armor still exists, but only the versions described in the PH, not those from AV. All light armor of the required enchantment is automatically masterwork armor.

Specific armors to replace the non-AC-defense masterwork armors follows:

Githweave Armor

Githzerai weavers first taught other peoples the methods of making githweave. It’s clear that the githzerai took these techniques from their erstwhile masters, the mind flayers. These armors infuse crystal, channeling mind energy to fortify the body.

Level: 17
Armor: Cloth, Chain
Enchantment: AC
Property: +1 Armor bonus to Will defense. Increase to +2 at level 27.

Snakeskin Armor

Yuan-ti overlap fine "scales" of leather and weave stands of this with shadow magic to produce the incredibly supple snakeskin armor.

Level: 17
Armor: Leather
Enchantment: AC
Property: +1 Armor bonus to Reflex defense. Increase to +2 at level 27.

Titanscale Armor

Dwarves took the primordial methods of producing titanscale armor from the titans and giants.

Level: 17 Armor: Hide, Scale
Enchantment: AC
Property: +1 Armor bonus to Fortitude defense. Increase to +2 at level 27.

Tarrasque Armor

Designed to emulate the tarrasque’s impenetrable hide, this armor has hundreds of nodules packed between very thin metal layers, each treated with a different process.

Level: 9
Armor: Plate
Enchantment: AC
Property: Resist all 1. Increase to 2 at level 19 and 5 at level 29.

Wondrous Items

Boots of the Mire

These soft green leather boots smell faintly of peat moss.

Level: 11
Price: 9,000 gp
Item Slot: Feet
Property: Gain a +2 saving throw against poison.

Power (Daily): Minor action. You gain swamp walk until the end of the encounter.

Winged Brooch

This small brooch can transform into a set of wings.

Level: 9
Price: 4,200 gp
Item slot: Neck

Power (Daily, Polymorph): You grow frail gossamer wings but otherwise retain your shape. The wings grant fly 10 and overland flight 15. You can end the effect with a minor action, and it also ends if you take any damage. Otherwise the wings last for 10 hours. If the effect ends while you are in flight, you crash.

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