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4ED&D 4E
4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons

This article lists new feats for use with 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

Genre feats are used to describe different settings and genres. Feats with this descriptor should only be included in a campaign if the effect of the feat is something the DM wants to be a trait of the campaign world. You should ask the DM before taking genre feat.

Heroic Tier Feats

Brutal Throw

Prerequisite: Ranger

Benefit: When using a heavy thrown weapon with a ranger power that normally bases its attack roll and damage on Dexterity, you can use Strength instead.

Channel Divinity

Prerequisite: Channel Divinity feat or class feature

Benefit: You learn the channel divinity power of a god you worship.

Special: Clerics and Invokers can take this feat several times. Each time, you get the patron power for a different patron.

Comment: This is a generic feat that replaces the specific channel divinity feats with a single unified feat; moving the deity-specific channeling powers into the description of the religions.


Benefit: You have the extraordinary ability to contort your limbs and dislocate your bones in order to squeeze through openings to small for ordinary people to move through.

Benefit: You count as one size smaller when using the squeeze action. Decrease the DC of all escape artist stunts by 10.

Dodge (Genre)

Prerequisite: Dexterity 13

Benefit: When wearing cloth armor you gain a +2 armor bonus to armor class.

This can represent things like the 3E mage armor or martial arts. Its identical to Armor Proficiency (leather) except in that it uses cloth armor abilities (that tend to be pretty good), in that it is not a prerequisite for hide armor proficiency, and that is requires Dex 13 (as opposed to no prerequisites).

Favored Channel

Prerequisite: Patron god

Benefit: You can use your patron god’s channel divinity power once per day.

Firearms training (Genre)

Prerequisites: Dwarf or Human

Benefit: You are proficient with all firearms, and gain a +2 feat bonus to damage with such weapons.

Light Shield Block

Prerequisite: Str 13, Dex 13, training with light shields

Benefit: When using a light shield you get a +2 shield bonus to AC instead of the normal +1.

This makes light shields on pair with TWD+Parrying Dagger.

Mount Companion

Prerequisite: Mounted Combat

Benefit: Select one mount of your level or less when you learn this feat; that mount will advance in level as you do, using the normal rules for increasing monster levels.

Rapid Reload

Benefit: Reload time for weapons is reduced one step. Load minor become load free, load move becomes minor, and load standard becomes load move.

Comment: See also Speed Loader from PH2.

Ritual Quickening

Prerequisites: Ritual Casting

Benefit: You cast rituals with a cast time counted in minutes in 1/5 the normal time, with a minimum of one minute. You cast rituals with a cast time in hours in half the normal time.

Single-Weapon Defense (Genre)

Prerequisite: Dex 13.

Benefit: When wielding a single melee weapon in one hand and not using a shield or two weapons, you get a +1 shield bonus to armor class and reflex defense. You can still wield a weapon or other object in your off hand, just not use it as a melee weapon.

Special: This does not stack with abilities that requires you to not use a shield, such as the Swordmage's Swordmage Warding ability.

Single-Weapon Guard (Genre)

Prerequisite: Dex 15, Single-Weapon Defense.

Benefit: When wielding a single melee weapon in one hand and not using the other hand for anything, you get a +2 shield bonus to Armor Class.

Special: This supersedes (does not stack with) abilities that requires you to not use a shield, such as the AC bonus from Single Weapon Defense or the Swordmage's Swordmage Warding ability.

Two-Weapon Defense

Prerequisite: Dex 13,Two-Weapon Fighting

Benefit: While holding a melee weapon in each hand, you gain a +1 shield bonus to AC and Reflex.

Note: Feat prerequisite removed since this is feat is essentially the same as Single Weapon Defense.

Weapon Training

Benefit: You gain proficiency in all simple and military weapons.

Comment: This might seem overly useful, but actually is rarely attractive compared to simply learning a superior weapon.

Whirling Grace

Prerequisites: Bard, Virtue of Grace

Benefit: You can choose an enemy hit by an ally within 3 squares when you use your Virtue of Grace ability.

Paragon Tier Feats

Deadeye Shot

Requirements: Level 11, Dex 17, Wis 13

Benefit: You treat all firearms as high crit weapons.

Note: The name of the feat is taken from the ability of the same ability of the Master Thrower in the third edition of the rules. The effects are similar (the Master Thrower ability increased the critical multiplier by one) albeit for different weapons.

The ability requirements are based on the Deadly Axe feat but adapted to ranged weapons.

Flashing Blade

Prerequisites: Level 11, Dex 17, Str 13

Benefit: If you miss with a melee attack with a rapier or sabre and you wouldn’t otherwise still deal damage on the miss, you deal damage to your original target equal to your Dexterity modifier. This damage receives no modifiers or other benefits you normally gain on weapon damage.

Comment: This is the equivalent of Scimitar Dance for rapier. The ability prerequisites have been changed to fit light blades.

Ritual Extension

Prerequisite: Level 11, Ritual Casting.

Benefit: When you cast or support a ritual with a duration of 1 hour or more, the duration of the ritual is extended to 24 hours. Rituals without a fixed duration are not affected. This increases the cost of ritual components by +100%.

Ritual Multitarget

Prerequisite: Level 11, Ritual Casting.

Benefit: When you cast or support a ritual that normally affects only the caster, or that affects a limited number of allies less than eight, now affects up to 8 targets. This increases the cost of ritual components by +100%.

Epic Tier Feats

Multiclass Feats

See also Weapon mastery.

Beast Attack (Multiclass Ranger)

Prerequisite: Beast Guard

Benefit: You can order your Beast Companion to move away from you and attack even when it is not adjacent to you. You qualify for paragon paths as if you were a beast master ranger.

Beast Guard (Multiclass Ranger)

Prerequisite: Str 13, Dex 13

Benefit: You gain the ranger's Beast Mastery class feature from Martial Power, page 38, except that you do not get the Raise Beast Companion ritual, that your beast companion will only attack when adjacent to you, and that you cannot order it to move away from you when in combat. You use and qualify for powers and feats as if you were a beast master ranger.

Cantrips (Multiclass Wizard)

Prerequisite: Int 13, Trained in Arcana

Benefit: You learn to use all wizard cantrips. You also gain training in Arcana. You gain the wizard’s Ritual Casting class feature. In addition, you can wield wizard implements.

Divine Channel (Multiclass Avenger, Cleric, Invoker, or Paladin)

Prerequisites: Avenger, Cleric, Invoker, or Paladin.

Benefit: Gain the Divine Channel abilities of one class you have multiclassed into.

Special: If you are multiclassed into several divine classes, you can take this feat several times. Each time, it applies to a different divine class you are multiclassed into.

Human Versatility (Multiclass Human)

Prerequisites: Human, any class-specific multiclass feat

Benefit: Replace one of your at-will powers with one from your multiclass.

Comment: This works with paragon multiclassing since it would still leave a human with at least one at-will power from his base class.

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