Acrobatics (4E)

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4ED&D 4E
4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons

House rules


Make an Acrobatics check to climb up or down a surface. Different circumstances and surfaces make climbing easier or harder.

Climb: Part of a move action.

See detailed rules in the Athletics skill description, Player's Handbook page 183.

Bypass an Opponent (Trained Only)

You can use tumbling and agility to move trough enemy squares.

Bypass an Opponent: Trained only, part of a move action

You can pass through the space of an enemy within one size category of you. Enemy space is difficult ground to you. You cannot move through the space of a creature that has hit you with an attack since beginning of your current turn.


Use contortions to escape from restraints or to wriggle trough tiny passages.

Escape from Restraints: 5 minutes, no retry

The difficulty depends on the mode of restraint used. If the attempt fails, you cannot try again until you get help or the situation changes somehow.

Restraint Difficulty
Simple handcuffs, hole wider than your shoulders but too narrow to crawl in. 10
Manacles, hole as wide as your hips but not your shoulders. 20
Straightjacket, foot cuffs, hole as wide as your head but not your hips. 30
Cuffs or bonds custom-made for you. Ankle or wrist stocks. Hole smaller than your head is tall, but wider than your head is wide. 40
Binder's Athletics skill skill modifier +10


Make an Acrobatics check to jump vertically to reach a dangling rope or a high ledge or to jump horizontally to leap across a pit, a patch of difficult terrain, a low wall, or some other obstacle.

Jump: Part of a move action.