Baleful Polymorph (4E)

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Baleful Polymorph

You torment your foe by turning him into a much weaker form.
Level: 7 Component Cost: 190
Category: Binding Market Price: 260
Time: 1 minute Key Skill: Arcana
Duration: Special

You use this ritual on a helpless creature. Usually it is cast on a defeated but live enemy you do not wish to kill. It turns the target into a creature much weaker than normal. Select a creature of a level equal to one third of the target's level (it is permissible to level up a lower-level creature) that is not a minion, leader, elite, or solo.

When you use the ritual, the target turns into the selected creature, hereafter called the assumed form. This works like a power with the Assume Form keyword. While the ritual is in effect, remove the target from play and replace it with the assumed form.

The duration of the ritual depends on the result of the Arcana check.

Arcana Check Result Duration
9 or lower A month and a day
10-19 A year and a day
20-29 A decade and a day
30-39 A century and a day
40 or higher A millenium and a day

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