Assume Appearance Circle (4E)

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Assume Appearance Circle

Everyone in the ritual changes appearance.
Level: 10 Component Cost: 150
Category: Deception Market Price: 400
Time: 10 minutes Key Skill: Arcana
Duration: Variable

This creates a separate illusory appearance for each participants in the ritual. This can be any creature of the same basic size and body type. For example, a large humanoid could be made to assume the appearanceof any other large humanoid. Small or Medium creatures can assume an appearance of either of these sizes. The assumed appearance can be a specific individual or an appearance of your own invention. Any Bluff checks to maintain the disguise gets a +5 bonus.

The duration of the ritual depends on the result of the Arcana check.

Arcana Check Result Duration
9 or lower 15 minutes
10-19 1 hour
20-29 3 hours
30-39 8 hours
40 or higher 24 hours

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