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Animal Token

You transform a loyal animal into a token.
Level: 11 Component Cost: 250 gp.
Category: Exploration Market Price: 1260gp.
Time: 10 minutes Key Skill: Nature
Duration: See text

You bind a loyal animal into a small token. The animal is generally a mount or animal companion, but other tame animals loyal to you are also possible. The animal disappears when this rite is cast, being bound into a small object. While in this token, the animal is asleep and does not age or need sustenance. When you no longer carry the token, either dropping it or because it is taken from you, the animal bound to the token immediately appears, awake and alert. The fetish can be thrown up to six squares as a minor action. If there is not enough room at the target point for the animal to appear, it is displaced to the nearest free space.

You can use this ritual on an animal whose loyalty is to another person; that person becomes the token-carrier.

The maximum duration of the rite depends on the result of the Nature check; when this duration runs out, the animal is released.

Nature Check Result Duration
9 or lower 6 hours
10-19 24 hours
20-29 1 week
30-39 1 month
40 or higher 1 year

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