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Amplify Ritual

Through fasting and spiritual exercise, you increase your ritual power, preparing yourself for trials ahead.
Level: 5 Component Cost: One healing surge
Category: Exploration Market Price: 250 gp
Time: 2 hours Key Skill: Arcana or Religion (no check)
Duration: 36 hours

Until you cast another ritual (or until this one expires), your effective level for casting and learning rituals increases by one. If you use this ritual several times in a row, the effects are cumulative and the effect extends to 36 hours after you finish the latest ritual. You can only cast this ritual once every 24 hours. A ritual over your level that you learn while under this effect is still known when the effect ends, but cannot be cast until your level is again sufficient.

In a campaign using the normal 4E economy, this does not work with any ritual that creates a permanent or consumable item. Consult with your DM on this.

Example: Boris wants to use Forbiddance to protect a house against a teleporting enemy. He knows the enemy is level 22, while he is only level 20. By using this ritual twice in a row, he can increase his effective level to 22 and then cast Forbiddance.

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