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Skill workshop.

Possible Changes

Possibly missing:

  • Taunt. To demoralize or enrage.
Skill Interaction
Action Active Skill Resisting Skill
Bluff & Feint Deception Deception or Insight
Coercion Intimidation Insight or Will
Demoralize Intimidation Guts or Will
Disguise Deception Insight
Forgery Craft Craft or Perception
Gain surprise Deception Insight or Initiative
Improve relations Persuasion Fixed DC
Interrogation, Forced Intimidation Guts or Will
Interrogation, Obvious Persuasion
Interrogation, Subtle Persuasion Insight
Maneuver for position Acrobatics Acrobatics
Maneuver for surprise Acrobatics Acrobatics or Initiative
Maneuver Vehicles Vehicles
Maneuver Animals Animals
Negotiation & Seduction Persuasion Persuasion
Sleight of Hand Stealth Perception
Sneak or Hide Stealth Perception
Innuendo Deception Insight
Taunt Deception?  ?
Trick Deception Deception or Insight
Track Survival Survival
Camouflage Survival Perception or Survival

Another Possible Reorg?

What if Knowledge-like and Craft-like skills use specializations like in Enlightened Grognard? Would probably work best with SRD-style skill points. Affected skills have 'N/A' instead of an ability modifier: