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The Language skill indicates fluency in a language. Unless you are unable to read for some unrelated reason, you can speak, read, and write each language in which you have skill.

Language (Int)

You do not normally make Language checks, though it could happen. Instead, skill points determine fluency.

  • 0 skill points: By speaking loudly, slowly, and using exaggerated gestures, you can try for only the most basic communication. Hilarious misunderstandings should be expected.
  • 1 skill point: You are trained, and can communicate freely. Your accent is strong, and advanced concepts are still difficult.
  • 2 skill points: You are quite fluent, almost like a native.
  • 3 skill points: You are a native.

You can speak closely related languages as if you have one less skill point. For example, if you have 3 skill points in Language (Swedish), you can speak Norwegian as if you have 2 skill points.

Retry: Not applicable.

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